Mason Miller

Country U.S.
Age 37
Staff 3
Billbooker for 1 year

Able to enjoy the financial side of the baking business with extremely intuitive and user-friendly billing software.

Invoicing for baked goods, tracking orders, scheduling payments and billing repeat orders is as easy as pie

Features I use the most


It helps me keep track of stock levels and which items are the most popular.


Creating fixed weekly and monthly expenses helps me save a lot of time.

Online payment

Accepting payments from customers has never been so effortless. The feeling of getting paid without manual follow up is awesome.


Now along with baking, I’ve started loving invoicing

From freshly baked bread to sugary indulgences, baking is not a cakewalk, plus getting paid on time for the work is a pain-point worth addressing. With Billbooks, I can spend more time nurturing my baking skills and less time doing calculations and paperwork.

Mason Miller



Pocket-friendly pricing is like icing on the cake.

Thank you notes

Thanking customers with personalised notes helped me get paid faster.

Customer support

Got friendly support from the Billbooks team often in less than 24 hours.

Creating invoice

It almost takes less time than what’s required to prepare a dough.

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