Why Pay Per Invoice is Best Option for Businesses?


In an era where every penny counts, paying extra than necessary can turn into a downside for your business. Paying only for the channels you watch, pay per second for calls, pay per click advertising, such transparent pricing policies are greatly appreciated by customers. One more powerful policy is added to this troop, ‘Pay per invoice’…. Well, this sounds to be beneficial as well as interesting, right? Let’s see how can it can be a best alternative?

As of now, businesses are so deeply driven by customer satisfaction that they are ready to serve free pizzas, if they fail to deliver it to the customers within 30 minutes. Do they give you an impression of being brainsick? If yes, then you are certainly under wrong impression. In fact such pricing strategies not only satisfy the customers but WOWs them. Undoubtedly every business seeks for profit but not at the cost of customers. Undertaking customer-friendly pricing policy for your products and services doesn’t mean cheap pricing strategy, it means smart pricing strategy. Business that deals with other businesses should pay much attention to their pricing policy.

Pay per invoice, a billing application providing such pricing policy is certainly rare, exclusive and outstanding. The term speaks for itself – pay per invoice, companies which undertake such invoicing softwares can surely reap benefits. Create a reasonable pricing strategy that makes sense, and customers will beat it.

Why pay per invoice is best? 

Saves businesses from unnecessary costs:

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Invoicing apps that charge you on monthly basis can churn out to be ineffective for you, as you might be charged needlessly. One month you might send 15 invoices while in the other you might send just 2 – in such cases will monthly pricing policy be effective? How will you feel if you have just created two invoices in a month and are charged for 10 invoices? It is really frustrating and spells huge loss if you are paying for the services which you haven’t used.

  • Pay per invoice allows you to pay only for the services you have used. If you have prepared two invoices, you will be charged only for that. Thus businesses can save a lot of funds by utilizing such smart invoice apps.

No hidden cost:

Since the businesses will be charged only for the services they have used, there is no scope of hidden cost. Usually, online billing services which charge you fixed amount per month may add some extra charges as their fees or to earn extra profit. As the cost details are not disclosed, businesses might not understand for what they have been charged and might end up paying needlessly.

  • In case of online invoicing that offers you pay per invoice policy, there is better transparency and business understand clearly how much and for what are they paying

Buy cost-effective credits and add credits when they expire:

Pay per invoice policy works just as your mobile recharge. As recharge gives you unlimited talk time validity and when your balance gets over, you can recharge again….

  • Similarly some pay per invoice policy offers unlimited validity and adding invoice credit facility
  • Pay as you go, online invoicing softwares allow you to buy credit whenever you need which is a cost-effective factor for businesses, especially for small businesses and freelancers

As far as amazing pricing policy is concerned, Billbooks is one invoicing app that evidently steals attention. Billbooks not only offers you pay per invoice pricing scheme but also allows businesses to prepare unlimited estimates for free. The unique pricing policy makes Billbooks stand out of the crowd. Can’t believe??? Checkout the pricing page to get spell bound.

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