Fashion Designer

Stella Artus

Country France
Age 29
Staff 6
Billbooker for 3 years

My journey started using my mother’s sewing machine and now I run a fashion studio of my own. Creativity is what I want to focus on – for the rest, I found Billbooks.

Reduced manual work, streamlined process, prompt payments – this app has made accounting easy for me

Features I use the most

Payment reminders

I don’t have to stress about late payments as I can send automatic payment reminders at intervals of my choice.

Recurring invoices

For my loyal customers, recurring invoices save me a lot of time as I bill many of my customers monthly or fortnightly.

Multiple currencies

I can now dress people all over the world. Customers pay me in their local currency which then automatically gets converted to my own currency.


Perfect software for someone who doesn’t have admin time and dreads sending estimates and invoices.

The burden of managing numbers, especially invoicing has been literally lifted off my shoulders. Estimating, billing, payment recovery and payment reminders – Billbooks is certainly much more than just invoicing.

Stella Artus

Fashion Designer


Simply eases the pain of accounting.


I’ve not seen a cheaper or simpler invoicing app anywher before.

UI and UX

Being a creative person, I found the visual layout of the software inviting and user-friendly.

Payment gateway integration

Helps keep my cash flow healthy as I’m able to accept online payments via secure payment gateways. I can also receive payments on my phone.

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