Hire Great Employee to Make Your Business Great

Hire Great Employee to Make Your Business Great

Like every potential employee wish to pursue his dream job, even employers desire to hire their dream employees, who perfectly match their organization. An entrepreneur can build a great company only with the support of his employees thus it is vital that entrepreneurs employ the best workforce to accomplish their business dream.

Generally, a candidate with great enthusiasm, good personality, sufficient qualification and of course not to forget, glowing references instantly get hired. But is this enough to judge if the employee will be a strong pillar for your growing business? Every entrepreneur at some point must have hired employee, out of desperation and regretted later. These blunders can destroy your company and its reputation. Poor hiring can cause stress and negatively affect the productivity, thus it is essential to be on your toes while you recruit employees for your company. Get rid of the outmoded hiring process and revive the method to hire best employees.

Go through the resume thoroughly:

No matter how much you modify the hiring process, resume will always be an important element. But just moving your eyes through resume is not enough.

  • You have to carefully read all the details and see what attribute of the employee will best suit the particular job position
  • If the applicant is an experienced candidate then look for his consistency in his previous jobs. If you identify inconsistency, asked the reason
  • Also if you spot gap in career, inquire about it
  • Some vocations may require skills which are not mentioned in resume, for example in public relation, you may require candidate who cares and understands, so make sure while you conduct the interview, you check if the candidate possess such abilities

Look for emotional intelligence:

An employee is said to be perfect who apart from professional intelligence also possess emotional intelligence. There may be some situations where strong emotional skills will be helpful to run the business.

  • A worker should not be only restricted to his job position, he should be ready to go an extra mile or take some step to tackle with the situation; here emotional intelligence plays an important role
  • Employees should feel your company as their company and should actively lend their support, in times of need
  • To check if the employee is competent enough, check his past records how did he handled such situations
  • You can question the employee about the worst moment in their career and how did they deal with it
  • If their answer sounds vague or overstated, think twice before hiring
  • Remember if they truly handled the situation wisely, their answer would be definitely convincing

Apart from job experience also look for life experience:

Life experience can benefit a lot for your company. A person throughout his life must have done many great or worst things which can work in favor of your business. Healthier job experience is good but interesting life experience is valuable too.

Life teaches a lot and people tend to develop few abilities through life experience, thus you can ask the applicants about some interesting moments in their life. These experiences makes person more skillful and it is beneficial for various professions, especially PR.

Does the applicant, actually fit in?

The interview must have gone well, so far, you might be impressed by the candidate too but do you think the applicant perfectly matches your requirement? Generally, we get to know a candidate only when they start working with us but we want to know about them ahead of this time. So how would you know if they fit rightly?

  • Passionate employees, normally plan out, quite early that how would they achieve success. Therefore during the interview process, ask the applicants what do they mean by being successful and what efforts have they put in, till now
  • The one, who have really endeavored, will present you beautiful journey and the one who looks blank or says he never thought of success is certainly not fit for the job

After following the above strategies you can surely recruit a perfect employee and most probably your wish to hire your dream employee will come true.

Divya Mudliar
Divya Mudliar
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