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Billbooks offers a great combination of speed, usability and features that make billing so easy you will actually enjoy sending invoices and estimates.

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Say goodbye to slow page refresh times and enjoy a faster, more reliable user experience

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Perfect for busy business owners, get a dashboard that quickly gives you a simple snapshot of your business and latest activities.

  • Sales, receipts and expenses
  • Analyse by time period
  • Client accounts & receivables
  • Overdue invoices
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Set and forget recurring invoices and past due reminders

Billbooks automatically takes care of sending in the correct time zone, to optimise inbox delivery, and even notifies you when your client opens it.

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Create and send invoices in seconds. Know when your client views them, and set auto payment reminders until paid.

  • Configure invoice columns
  • Auto invoice numbering
  • Auto reminders
  • Get invoice opening alerts
  • Create recurring invoices
  • Use purchase order numbers
  • Track invoice & payment history
  • Item numbers and SKUs
  • Discounts & shipping
  • Set taxes, terms & conditions
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Clients can view their documents using a secure link

Save time creating and sending client statements without logging in.

Smart invoicing feature 2


Get the last invoice tip
when creating a new one.
Very handy!

Quickly view the amount and status of the last invoice when you select the client.

Smart invoicing feature 3


Faster auto-complete
for everything

You barely need to type a word to select a client or enter an item.
It’s electrifying.

Smart invoicing feature 4


Send quick reminders
and swiftly add payments from the list view

Reminders are sent in the correct time zone (optimising inbox delivery) and notifies you when your client opens them.

Smart invoicing feature 5


Instant results as you search for clients, invoices and items, all in a single box

Search documents using any keyword, just like Google.

With smart features, you’ve never felt so happy recovering past dues


Estimates or quotations can be approved with notes and saved as versions

Duplicate estimates and convert them to invoices in a click to save time.

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Create and send estimates in seconds. Quickly duplicate similar quotes and get online approvals before converting to invoices.

  • Configure labels and titles
  • Configure estimate columns
  • Select client contact
  • Set estimate expiry date
  • Get estimate opening alerts
  • Convert to invoices
  • Approve or reject online
  • Duplicate, print & download
  • View history
  • Create notes

Clients can view their documents using a secure link

Clients Icon   Clients

With premium SSL and white label IPs, 100% of your invoices and estimates will land in your customer’s inbox.


Take a picture and upload it, or set and forget recurring expenses

Expenses Icon  Expenses

Fixed monthly expenses like internet, rent and telephone bills can be automatically generated to save time.

Multiple Companies

Manage more businesses from a single dashboard

Multiple Companies Icon  Multiple companies

Create business-wide users, roles, items, invoices, settings and more with a single email ID. No more logging out and logging in.


Group invoices, estimates and expenses under projects for better accessibility

Projects Icon  Projects

Save your time searching for documents related to specific project.


Add line items with just a few keystrokes to auto-complete the description, quantity and amount

Items Icon


Managing items and inventory is more simplified than ever. Get low stock alerts and quick reports on item sales to make important business decisions.

  • Create items in seconds
  • Smart search
  • Import and export data
  • Pre-define taxes
  • Add SKUs
  • Track inventory
Packing slip icon

Download packing slips for eCommerce and wholesale businesses to include with orders

(packing slips do not include commercially sensitive information)

Online payment integrations

Make it easier for your customers to pay you by Credit or Debit, Visa or Amex, or Paypal and other leading gateways. And get paid faster with a Pay Now button right inside the invoice email.

Get paid online faster with the help of

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Online Payment Integrations

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