Privacy & Policy

Keeping end user privacy at the forefront, we hereby declare that your personal information is not traded/sold/leased to any other website or source. This privacy policy acts as an ordinance pledging ethical practices from our end. Billbooks is an initiative taken to enhance the online billing experience, ensuring user friendliness, without inflicting our personal interests onto the same.

We work with extreme transparency and clarity of thoughts. We believe in adhering to ethical code of conduct and refrain from indulging in illegal practices which result in moral infringement. Billbooks is an online billing application fuelled by only a required amount of information which ensures its effective functioning. Information of any kind remains secure and is not exported to other sources under any circumstances whatsoever.

Client information like credit card details, phone number and business URLs are protected with multiple layers of security. Payment gateways, used by us, comply with highest standards of security and guarantee ‘zero’ data leakage.

We, however, reserve the right to alter the above Privacy Statement at any given point of time. Kindly visit this page regularly to stay updated on any policy changes, affecting your privacy concerns directly or indirectly.