Automated Invoicing for Music Teachers

Automated Invoicing for Music Teachers As a professional music teacher your regular work cycle includes teaching, taking music sessions and getting paid.  Teaching music is your forte but invoicing can be a bit complicated.  Sometimes you charge students for single session, sometimes after a month, before a month or charge students for lessons. If you teach multiple musical instruments then teaching charges will be different for each instrument.  You can almost end up spending hours in billing.  Creating separate bill for each student is not only time-consuming but a very complex process.  It also becomes an awkward situation to chase for payments by calling or keeping Continue reading

Ultimate Ways to get Past Due Invoices Paid

ultimate-ways-to-get-past-due-invoices-paidSuffering from past due invoices? Well, you are not the only business undergoing this trauma. Chasing late payments can be cumbersome but it is inevitable task. Let’s figure out how you can rack up your revenue.

Probably, no business in this world has ever escaped from late payments. In fact, most of the businesses believe that possibly 20% of the invoices will get paid after Continue reading

Happy Weekends can now be Productive too

happy-weekends-can-now-be-productive-tooWeekend means sit back, relax, hang out with friends for meals or go for any short trip. This is a typical weekend schedule. However entrepreneurs or business owners unfortunately cannot take the pleasure of weekends as they need to be on duty even on Saturday and Sunday. Working all 7 days of week might eat up brains and can affect the productivity severely. Continue reading

Legal Documents to Make Freelancing Lawful

legal-documents-to-make-freelancing-lawfulFreedom, wide opportunities, flexibility is quite a common perception related to freelancing. Well we don’t deny that freelancers do not enjoy such entrepreneurship pleasures but like every business they too need to understand the significance of legal matters. Whether you are a newbie or planning to initiate your freelancing business, it is indispensable to acquire official documents Continue reading

Is M-commerce Overpowering the Traditional E-commerce

is-m-commerce-overpowering-the-traditional-e-commerceThe convergence of offline and online has radically transfigured the business world. Almost every brick and mortar business reaps the benefits of its presence on internet. Earlier ecommerce had set the world on fire and now the mobile platform is becoming sensational. The advent of wireless mobile technology has taken the online trading by storm. The world is becoming smarter with the evolution of smartphones and shopping on the go is all the rage. Continue reading

How to Make Online Images Lovable and Shareable?

how-to-make-online-images-lovable-and-shareableDon’t you get awestruck when you look at some amazing photography or great artwork? This is the power of pictures.

Images have some miraculous essence that instantly steals attention of any person. When you search for some recipes on internet, any site which contains scrumptious food images grabs your interest first, similarly online websites containing gorgeous dress images, flaunting luxury restaurant interiors, beautiful jewelry not only attracts the viewers but might also turn them into customers. Continue reading