How can Event Planners Bill their Clients?

How can Event Planners Bill their Clients

Event planning can be a daunting task.  A lot of toil and dedication is required to make any event successful.  No matter if it’s planning a wedding, organising corporate event or setting up massive sports event or a live concert, professional aid has become cardinal. And that is why more and more people are hiring event planners to coordinate events in and out.   Continue reading

Automated Invoicing for Music Teachers

Automated Invoicing for Music Teachers As a professional music teacher your regular work cycle includes teaching, taking music sessions and getting paid.  Teaching music is your forte but invoicing can be a bit complicated.  Sometimes you charge students for single session, sometimes after a month, before a month or charge students for lessons. If you teach multiple musical instruments then teaching charges will be different for each instrument.  You can almost end up spending hours in billing.  Creating separate bill for each student is not only time-consuming but a very complex process.  It also becomes an awkward situation to chase for payments by calling or keeping Continue reading

Helpful Tools for Successful Tutoring Business


Tutoring business is not just restricted to teaching. Like any other small business owner or freelancer, even tutors need to deal with managing multiple tasks. To streamline their regular work process, online assistance like educational tools, productive tools, teaching softwares, collaborative tools, time-saving tools, billing tools and other such useful tools are being introduced.  Private tutoring business is flourishing all over the globe. Since the business is in much demand, it will be wise for the tutors to embrace technology and make their work more efficient and easy.  Tuition teachers can gain a lot of benefits by using online tools. Continue reading

Billbooks vs. Freshbooks vs. Zoho Invoice


If you are one of the businesses that always found invoicing as a Herculean task then there is end to your long haul. The digital industry has introduced assortments of invoicing softwares that has automated the backbreaking billing process and have lessened the burden of number of entrepreneurs around the globe.

Since new softwares are getting launched every now and then, it can be baffling for you to choose an application that matches your business requirement perfectly. Continue reading

Billbooks vs Freshbooks vs Invoicera


Billing which was once upon a time considered as a hectic task because of the mind-numbing manual process has now become as simple as ABC. All the credit goes to online invoicing softwares. Market is flooded with number of invoicing softwares but it’s puzzling to choose the most productive one out of the tons of software. However, after a lot of research, analysis and based on user opinion, the experts have shortlisted 3 most accepted invoicing tools and have compared them. In this article, we have examined Billbooks, Freshbooks and Invoicera Continue reading

Wellness Program to Shoot up Employee Performance


What can be a better way than to move ahead with your professional life in a healthier way?

Naah, we are not talking about weight-loss or dieting, we are concerned about employees’ wellness. Busy work days have strained employees to skip meals and switch to quick bites like crunching unhealthy snacks. Poor intake not only affects the well-being, it also has negative impact on employee’s productivity. Continue reading

Ultimate Ways to get Past Due Invoices Paid

ultimate-ways-to-get-past-due-invoices-paidSuffering from past due invoices? Well, you are not the only business undergoing this trauma. Chasing late payments can be cumbersome but it is inevitable task. Let’s figure out how you can rack up your revenue.

Probably, no business in this world has ever escaped from late payments. In fact, most of the businesses believe that possibly 20% of the invoices will get paid after Continue reading

Happy Weekends can now be Productive too

happy-weekends-can-now-be-productive-tooWeekend means sit back, relax, hang out with friends for meals or go for any short trip. This is a typical weekend schedule. However entrepreneurs or business owners unfortunately cannot take the pleasure of weekends as they need to be on duty even on Saturday and Sunday. Working all 7 days of week might eat up brains and can affect the productivity severely. Continue reading