What is a P.O. Number & How to Create It

What is a PO number

PO number is a unique identifier for a specific transaction present on a purchase order form which is legally binding. Hence, whoever started a business or has been freelancing for a while would be aware of this term. This number…

How To Estimate A Plumbing Job

Estimate plumbing jobs

Plumbing jobs can range from simple repairs to complex installations, and estimating the cost of a plumbing project can be a challenging task for many contractors. Whether you are a plumbing contractor bidding for a residential project or a commercial…

How to Become a Florist

how to become a florist

“Flowers are the music of the ground. From earth’s lips spoken without sound.”- Edwin Curran Flowers are the most beautiful thing on earth that can make all your happy memories way more cherishing and memorable. And, that’s where a florist…

How to Create a Plumbing Invoice

Create a plumbing invoice

From repairing and installation of pipes to other plumbing fixtures plumbers work on a one-off basis with several clients every day. Such a hectic schedule makes it hard to attend your invoicing process if you don’t have a thorough idea…