Is M-commerce Overpowering the Traditional E-commerce

is-m-commerce-overpowering-the-traditional-e-commerceThe convergence of offline and online has radically transfigured the business world. Almost every brick and mortar business reaps the benefits of its presence on internet. Earlier ecommerce had set the world on fire and now the mobile platform is becoming sensational. The advent of wireless mobile technology has taken the online trading by storm. The world is becoming smarter with the evolution of smartphones and shopping on the go is all the rage. Continue reading

Ward Off the Common Mistakes in Sales Pitch

ward-off-the-common-mistakes-in-sales-pitchSalespeople are just amazing convincers, when it comes to sales call/ presentation, talking acts as their primary weapon which facilitates them to get favorable outcome. Sales presentation is not just about smart talking, it is your golden chance to express about your products and services. Hence you would endeavor it to be in your full control and eliminate the risks. Continue reading

How to Effortlessly Update your Website in Busy Work Schedule?

Get your E-commerce Business Equipped for Mobile ShoppersIs your online retail showroom geared up for mobile shoppers? Well, it comes as no surprise that shopping via smart phones and tablets has become all the rage.

The ecommerce site traffic is ever-increasing from these handy devices. People who are on the go find it really convenient to browse online and shop whenever and wherever they want. Mobile ecommerce not only speed up the buying process but also accelerates the selling game.  As a smart ecommerce retailer, Continue reading

Hire Great Employee to Make Your Business Great

Hire Great Employee to Make Your Business GreatLike every potential employee wish to pursue his dream job, even employers desire to hire their dream employees, who perfectly match their organization. An entrepreneur can build a great company only with the support of his employees thus it is vital that entrepreneurs employ the best workforce to accomplish their business dream.

Generally, a candidate with great enthusiasm, good personality, sufficient qualification and of course not to forget, glowing references instantly get hired. But is this enough to judge if the employee will be a strong pillar for your growing business? Continue reading

Is it Possible to Run Business without You?

Is it Possible to Run Business without YouHave you ever wished that your business mints money when you are away from your company enjoying vacation or all your business tasks run smoothly when you are indulged in deep sleep?

Like every entrepreneur, you must have just craved for this but unfortunately your dream never seemed to turn into reality. In fact, imagining how your company would run without you must have given you the feeling of nightmare.  However, if not vacation there might be some unforeseen problems or emergencies due to helplessness, you might have to stay away from your workplace… how to deal with such situations? Continue reading

How to Hire During Business Expansion?

How to Hire During Business ExpansionDuring startups, most of the budding entrepreneurs unmindfully hire employees just with an intention to pack the work place. Without proper background check, qualification and testing skills, companies randomly pick up employees and later suffer with hiring disaster. Initially you might be naive to the hiring process but as your company start growing it becomes really vital to employ right people and right amount of workforce, especially Continue reading

Startup Lessons for Strong Family Business

startup-lessons-for-strong-family-businessHappiness, trouble, excitement or sorrow, it is your family with whom you share all your feelings.

Family is significant to every individual on this earth. Ignoring family for business is insensitivity but making family part of your business can be a sensible idea. You can contentedly carry out business with people whom you trust the most, after all, trustworthy partners are vital for running a business. As family remains intact forever, even your business would remain united for a long time. But as we know, every coin has two sides Continue reading