Billbooks vs. Freshbooks vs. Zoho Invoice


If you are one of the businesses that always found invoicing as a Herculean task then there is end to your long haul. The digital industry has introduced assortments of invoicing softwares that has automated the backbreaking billing process and have lessened the burden of number of entrepreneurs around the globe.

Since new softwares are getting launched every now and then, it can be baffling for you to choose an application that matches your business requirement perfectly. Continue reading

Legal Documents to Make Freelancing Lawful

legal-documents-to-make-freelancing-lawfulFreedom, wide opportunities, flexibility is quite a common perception related to freelancing. Well we don’t deny that freelancers do not enjoy such entrepreneurship pleasures but like every business they too need to understand the significance of legal matters. Whether you are a newbie or planning to initiate your freelancing business, it is indispensable to acquire official documents Continue reading

Outsourcing Guidelines for Freelancers

Outsourcing Guidelines for FreelancersWhether you have given up your 9 to 5 job for freelancing or are new kid on the block; at the outset you would enjoy the freedom from the nerve-racking office environment but gradually you might experience the encumbrance of working all alone.  

As your clientele amplifies, your work load would certainly increase and managing all tasks single-handedly may hamper your productivity.  However, the backbreaking billing process can be smoothly handled by any efficient online invoicing software but what about the other crucial tasks? Continue reading

Freelancers’ Top 5 Wishes Will Get Fulfilled this Christmas!!!

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Freelancers Top 5 Wishes Will Get Fulfilled This ChristmasThis Christmas we have decided to perform the role of Santa Claus and strive to fulfill some of the most desired wishes of freelancers. Want to know what is their precious gift on Christ’s birthday? Their gift is revealed is this article. Read to know it.

It is that time of the year where all the kids will be busy preparing their wishlist and dreaming about getting them fulfilled on Christmas morning. Do you think only children anticipate for gifts? Continue reading

Flawless Invoicing is Just a Matter of Minutes for Freelancers

Flawless-Invoicing-is-Just-a-Matter-of-Minutes-for-FreelancersPeople around the globe are either quitting or refraining from the typical 9 to 5 work, in favor of freelancing as it gives them a great opportunity to pursue their dream job. However, freelancing is not plain sailing as it seems, people can lose their sight of what they love since they get entangled with all the business related chores. “Jack of all trades, master of one” Continue reading

Facts to Know Before your Quit 9 to 5 Job and Switch to Freelancing

Facts to Know Before your Quit 9 to 5 Job and Switch to FreelancingFed up of 9 to 5 job? Sick and tired of confronting your domineering Boss? Definitely freelancing comes as an escape for you. But, BEWARE!!! If you are planning to surrender yourself from your routine job and switch to freelancing, you need to consider few facts. Let’s see what are they?

Quitting 9 to 5 job to take up freelancing career can be a wise as well as tricky decision. The positive aspects of self-employment have encouraged many employees to resign their daily job and switch to freelancing job. Earlier, self-employment was looked upon as an uncertain career idea but with myriads of freelancing choices available, it has currently become a fruitful profession. Continue reading

Don’t Fidget with Budget – Tips for Freelancers

fidget budgetOh no! Running short of money to pay your bills? Went on shopping till your wallet became empty and now no money left even for buying grocery? Well, these are the common scenarios, in case of freelancers. As a beginner freelancer, you may have no idea that how much income you will earn, how much would be right for spending, is saving important and all other necessary financial aspects. Unlike the traditional employment, freelancers do not have monthly fixed incomes. In one month they can mint money while in another month, due to no projects they might sit empty-handed. Income fluctuation is part and parcel of freelance carrier. In fact, even experienced freelancers go through such peaks and valleys in business. When you calculate, your annual income may look pretty good but as there is no fixed amount which you could get on each project, you may struggle with your regular expenses. Hence to handle this situation effectively, thoughtful budgeting is quite imperative. Continue reading