How to write an Invoice?

how-to-write-an-invoiceSo finally after putting your heart and soul, you have completed your first freelance project and have even handed over to your client, right? So what’s next? Well, your mission is not yet over. It’s time to face the final obstacle, getting paid. Like any other novice freelancer or small business, invoicing can be an alien task, however you cannot runaway from it. Continue reading

Types of Invoices


There are various industries in a country. A few examples are agriculture, mining, utility, manufacturing, transporting, warehousing, education, real estate, retail, finance, healthcare etc. buying and selling is important for all these industries because each industry depends on the other for its progress. As a result thousands of business transactions are carried out every day and all the transactions require a record. Continue reading

Why to Invest in Professional Invoicing App?

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Why-to-invest-in-professional-Invoicing-AppWhether you are running a small business or are a freelancer, organizing and planning is crucial to whip your business into shape.

Billing always appeared as an uphill struggle; however a great helping hand was introduced for these businesses, ‘Invoicing Software’. A while ago businesses didn’t have much choices, they had only couple of wise options to choose from. Times have changed now Continue reading

How to Pick an Ideal Billing Partner for Graphic Designers?

How-to-Pick-an-Ideal-Billing-Partner-for-Graphic-DesignersIf you are a neophyte graphic designer or freelancer then you are probably one-man army, who single handedly manage all the creative as well as administrative tasks.

You invest your valuable time and money to create something striking for your client and anticipate to foster your business. However, designing skills solely won’t reap you benefits; you need to ensure if you’re business is financially secured. Invoicing is totally a nightmare for artistic professionals; they often foul up with the process. Continue reading

What is the difference in free invoicing app and Billbooks?

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What is the difference in free invoicing app and Billbooks-1Free is the new classy rule for the businesses to bring their products under limelight. But, is free always better?

A system that helps you to get your money by spending no money!  AHEM! Is it true? Yes, it is, you can now invoice your clients online and that too for free. Well for some this doesn’t sound so striking or unique, since there are multitudes of free invoicing apps available on web from long time and they might be already acquainted with it.

Then what is so interesting to read in this article?

Continue reading

Why Pay Per Invoice is Best Option for Businesses?

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Why Pay Per Invoice is Best Option for BusinessesIn an era where every penny counts, paying extra than necessary can turn into a downside for your business. Paying only for the channels you watch, pay per second for calls, pay per click advertising, such transparent pricing policies are greatly appreciated by customers. One more powerful policy is added to this troop, ‘Pay per invoice’…. Well, this sounds to be beneficial as well as interesting, right? Let’s see how can it can be a best alternative? Continue reading

How invoicing can change your business in 2015?

How-invoicing-can-change-your-business-in-2015We have just jumped into 2015, let’s vow to move ahead with the year by embracing innovation, technology and forward-thinking approach in business.

In this time of austerity, you cannot afford to miss any opportunity that has the potential to take your business on new heights. Fortunately, there is no doom and gloom in business, you always have room for evolution. Even though you must have struggled with some core tasks in 2014, you can still hit the jackpot, this year. It might sound like a scoff statement but the most difficult and tedious duty like invoicing can be turned into an enjoyable one. Yeah! You have to believe this. Continue reading

Startups Start the New Year by Learning Smooth Invoicing

Startups Start the New Year by Learning Smooth InvoicingHappy and Prosperous New Year shouldn’t be just in wishes, it should reflect in your business too!!!

Planning to start the New Year with new business? Wise piece of advice – Before learning any other business strategy, learn to invoice perfectly for a wealthy and financially healthy 2015.

With all gusto you have set up your new firm, managed to rope in good project and have put yourself out to accomplish it. You must be all excited to deliver it to your client, right? Okay, so what’s next after presenting the project? Continue reading