Smart Features

Billbooks offers a great combination of speed, usability

and unique features to help you spend less time billing

Send Invoices


shortcut (i)

  • Send invoices in seconds
  • Configure invoice columns
  • Quick invoice preview
  • Track payments
  • Auto due reminders
  • Recurring invoices
  • Online payments
  • Invoice history
Send Estimates


shortcut (e)

  • Send estimates in seconds
  • Configure estimate columns
  • Auto numbering
  • Convert to invoice
  • Attach multiple files
  • Add extra notes
  • Duplicate estimates
  • Print and download PDFs
Profit Loss Reports


  • Profit & Loss
  • Invoicing
  • Item sales
  • Expenses
  • Collections
  • Outstandings
  • Tax summary
Manage Clients


shortcut (c)

  • Manage clients
  • Export/Import
  • Add client staff
  • Add to favorites
  • Billing summary


shortcut (x)

  • Categorize expenses
  • Recurring expenses
  • Assign expenses to clients
  • Export in CSV or Excel
  • Expense reporting
Import and Export Items


  • Import and export items
  • Set taxes
  • Set default amounts
  • User items to send invoices
  • Track inventory
  • Item wise reporting

Application Screens

Billbooks Dashboard

Sleek dashboard gives you a snapshot of ongoing activities without clicking anywhere else

Send New Invoices

Create invoices in seconds using tax presets and autocomplete for most input boxes

Billbooks Global Setting

Manage invoice numbering, configure invoice columns and more

Track Expenses

Create one time & recurring expenses and assign them to clients

Clients List

Shortlist favorite clients, add staff and view client invoice history in a click

Create Items

Create items, set taxes, auto populate descriptions and track inventory to simplify invoice creation

Profit and Loss Reports

Get instant profit & loss, sales, expenses, collections and tax reports (currency wise)

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Andrea Boyles

Andrea Boyles

I am a florist by profession. I found Billbooks very handy for my line of work.

Kris Morgan

Kris Morgan

Never thought invoicing could be so much fun! In my years of business experience, I have used only handful of billing softwares, but Billbooks is simply the best.

Mr. and Mrs. Will Leytham

Mr. & Mrs. Will Leytham

Billbooks is really wonderful billing software. It’s simple, convenient and neat. We are happy that we found it.

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