Get a single sale and earn for 5 years

Earn income even while you’re sleeping or away on vacation

Become an affiliate partner and earn up to 50% commission

Become our profit-sharing partner and earn half of the income in the first year for every Billbooks subscriber you signup, and continue earning 25% commission, month after month, for up to five more years.

We work with partners based on our internal evaluation criteria.

We will review your application and get back to you within 48 hours.

How does our affiliate program work?

Join our affiliate program and post the provided reference link on any digital platform – blog, website, social media or even an e-newsletter. As soon as a user subscribes to Billbooks using your reference link, you get the commission for whichever plan they choose.

Since our commissions are recurring, you get paid every month for five years while the user remains a paid subscriber.

Why pitch for Billbooks?

Paperless and painless billing, better cash flow, no annoying follow-ups and extremely easy to use – it’s a product worth recommending!

Billbooks is invoicing software crafted for any business under the sun. By promoting Billbooks, not only you earn but even your referrals earn by getting paid on time.

Our affiliate partners get

50% first time commission

Earn an industry-leading commission of 50% per subscription for the first year

25% month on month

Earn 25% recurring commission whenever the user renews or upgrades the plan for up to 5 years

Extended cookie life

With our partner-friendly affiliate program, you will benefit with a longer cookie duration of 120 days

Account manager

Get the attention you deserve as our dedicated affiliate team work hand-in-hand to maximize your potential

Frequently asked questions

What is the Billbooks affiliate program?

Our affiliate program helps you earn revenue in the form of commission when any visitor subscribes to Billbooks. When the visitor clicks on the reference link and signs up to Billbooks, you earn the commission. You will get a commission for every subscription.

Do I need to pay some cost to become an affiliate?

You would be charged zilch! You can become our affiliate partner for free and earn as much as possible.

How can I join your affiliate program?

You can join our referral program by clicking on any affiliate link. After reviewing your details, you’ll get access to the reference link which you can use for promotion.

Can I earn a commission even for a free trial sign up?

Yes, there is a scope of earning in the near future. If the person who sign-ups for a free trial, later upgrades to any paid plan, then you certainly earn the commission. Don’t worry we’ll keep track of it and also keep you updated.

Can I promote Billbooks on multiple websites?

Yes, of course! You can promote our software on as many websites as possible and also on any social media platform, blog or email.

Are there any restrictions related to the affiliate program?

There are quite a few restrictions which have to be followed:

  • You are not allowed to promote our product on any prohibited, illegal or censored websites like gambling, pornography
  • Even promotion on coupon sites or forums will not be favoured.
  • Any kind of fraudulent activity or spamming will not be tolerated. We will take strict legal actions.
  • Websites that are inactive or unoriginal blog content sites will not be considered for promotion.
  • Also, the intended affiliate needs to be above 18 years of age.

How long can I be an affiliate partner?

You can be our active partner as long as you want. There is no time limit.

When will I get the payment?

You will receive your commission payment after reaching a minimum amount of $50. Payment will be made on the 25th day of each month. Eg: Your payment for the month of July will be made on the 25th day of August. There may be a slight variation in the payment day if its weekend or public holiday.

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