Billbooks vs. Freshbooks vs. Zoho Invoice


If you are one of the businesses that always found invoicing as a Herculean task then there is end to your long haul. The digital industry has introduced assortments of invoicing softwares that has automated the backbreaking billing process and have lessened the burden of number of entrepreneurs around the globe.

Since new softwares are getting launched every now and then, it can be baffling for you to choose an application that matches your business requirement perfectly. Continue reading

Billbooks vs Freshbooks vs Invoicera


Billing which was once upon a time considered as a hectic task because of the mind-numbing manual process has now become as simple as ABC. All the credit goes to online invoicing softwares. Market is flooded with number of invoicing softwares but it’s puzzling to choose the most productive one out of the tons of software. However, after a lot of research, analysis and based on user opinion, the experts have shortlisted 3 most accepted invoicing tools and have compared them. In this article, we have examined Billbooks, Freshbooks and Invoicera Continue reading

Big Benefits of Small Business

big-benefits-of-small-businessDoing small things in great way can bring positive results. Small business is the lifeblood of employment all over the world; thus even though it is small, definitely it is a big deal.  

The colossal and developed country like United States is completely crammed with small businesses due to which this country is capable to roll out its economy even in bad times. Small businesses have opened myriads of job opportunities Continue reading

Why Exporting is Worthwhile for Small Businesses

why-exporting-is-worthwhile-for-small-businessesIf countries like China and US only carried out its business domestically, probably it would have not been succeeded as much as today. These countries are claimed to be the biggest exporters in the world. It is worth noting that many small businesses have contributed in their success.

Most of the small businesses around the globe have viewpoint that exporting is the Holy Grail Continue reading

Financially Secure Your Small Business with EFG Scheme

secure-your-small-business-with-efg-schemeWant to increase cash flow in your business? Looking for financial support to grow or flourish your small business? Then go through this article to discover an amazing scheme.

Sometimes small businesses and startups find fiendishly difficult to get necessary financial aid for running their business. There are very fat chances of getting loan from banks. Continue reading

Establishing Business in Small City could be Beneficial

establishing business in small city could be beneficialPlanning to establish your business? Looking for a well-known location, so that your shop or business gets easily noticed? Probably your choice of location can get backfired. Despite of boosting your business, the strength and limitation of the reputed city might hamper your business idea. Generally, big cities are already crammed with all forms of businesses and stores, thus it would be an uphill struggle to get your business under public eye. Continue reading

Tell your Employees how much you Love them, this Valentine’s

Tell Your Employees How Much You Love Them This ValentinesLove is in the air, love is everywhere!!!  It’s the Valentine’s month and what could be a better time than this to confess your feelings to your loved ones.

This lovable day is not just meant for couples, every individual who share a beautiful relation with someone can express their affection. Why not take this sweet opportunity to communicate your love to your employees? Continue reading

How to Pick an Ideal Billing Partner for Graphic Designers?

How-to-Pick-an-Ideal-Billing-Partner-for-Graphic-DesignersIf you are a neophyte graphic designer or freelancer then you are probably one-man army, who single handedly manage all the creative as well as administrative tasks.

You invest your valuable time and money to create something striking for your client and anticipate to foster your business. However, designing skills solely won’t reap you benefits; you need to ensure if you’re business is financially secured. Invoicing is totally a nightmare for artistic professionals; they often foul up with the process. Continue reading

Reveal your Small Business Story to Gain Interest of Loyal Audience

Reveal your Small Business Story to Gain Interest of Loyal AudiencePeople cannot hear you, until and unless you speak to them, more than speaking logically, if you tell engaging stories, people tend to pay more attention.

An emotional narration of your company mission is fundamental to attract the customers. Every company has some mind-boggling story about its inception which can be used as a powerful tool to draw attention, build trust and engage loyal customers. Your company story defines who you are, what you do and how can you help your clients. Continue reading