Chuck out Boring Invoices, Embrace Appealingly Designed Invoices


Monotonous bills are so dreary!!! How about giving a fresh and inviting look to the simple invoices? Checkout the assorted designs to make the boring invoices, alluring.

Most of the industries, especially creative field and freelancers, err with the financial side of business. Billing comes after project completion, this is the general flow of business. Dealing with numbers, may seem quite boring after an interesting job. However, you shouldn’t forget that invoicing is not an optional chore; it is binding for getting paid by the customers, efficiently. Hence, there is no choice left but go with the flow. However, you can indeed add zing to the otherwise mind-numbing billing process. Just because invoice is an official document, it’s not necessary to keep it bland, you can spice it up by adding some aesthetic sense.

Not only creative profession, even different lines of work can customize their bills according to their business. For example – imagine you are running designer bag store, your shop boast all the latest and trendy collection of bags, the store is elegantly designed and offer world-class services to your client but ultimately when you hand over the lackluster bill to your customer, what impression will it create? It will certainly generate a negative impact. Invoice is the last contact with your client, so why not create a lasting impression with it? Apart from just spending time behind creating appealing website and business card for your company, also devote some time to enhance the invoice and make it striking.

Whether you are creating invoice from scratch or using online billing software, see how you can make them look beautiful. Choose the design style which suits your company the best:

Personalized invoice:

Add personal touch to your invoices with custom-made style.

  • If your brand has an apparent visual identity, then there is no need to look for any other design, you can simply incorporate your company design and make the invoice stand out from others
  • Never forget to integrate your company logo on the invoice
  • Invoice that reflects the essence of your business is certainly a unique and striking invoice design which you can opt for
  • Creative industries particularly have bold and flashy visual identity, the same can be expressed in the invoice
  • You can take photos of your company or products and flaunt it effectively on the invoice. You can integrate these photos on the header
  • Use company logo colors to add more personal touch to the invoice design

The traditional letter invoice design:

Letter is probably a bygone concept. However you can evoke its essence by incorporating letter design style for your invoice.

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  • The traditional envelope style invoice really looks interesting and professional
  • Like the customary letters, you can create the letter with From (your company details) and To (client details) format
  • In place of the stamp, you can put your company logo
  • This style of invoicing design doesn’t harm the readability and functionality of invoice as it looks simple as well as graceful

Bold and beautiful black and white design:

The widely-accepted and bold duo color combination, black and white, looks classy anytime.

  • The attractive typography adds grace to the otherwise simple design
  • Keep the background white and let the text color be black
  • Don’t make it look plain, you can make it look eye-catchy by keeping the header and footer black and integrating white text

Vintage style invoice design:

Give a classic effect to your invoices by adding some vintage effect to it.

  • You can use variety of vintage fonts to make the invoice look of ancient period
  • Also use suitable graphic icons to fill the space in the invoice
  • Whatever content you add on the invoice, should be informative and readable
  • Use highlighting text for Thank you note, so that it instantly grabs attention of the customers

Grab attention with big and catchy heading:

Invoices with large and vibrant text look eye-catching.

  • You can play with colors and make the invoice look gripping
  • You can use shades of same color and incorporate on different areas of invoice
  • Keep the main text big and bold like Invoice number, due date and thank you
  • You can use your brand colors to highlight the important text
  • Using different color bands makes the main content noticeable and easy to navigate

Slick and professional corporate design:

If you want a clean and well-laid invoice then go for corporate style design.

  • Logo integrated at top and bottom of invoice, clear itemized columns indicating the products and services is perfect invoice design for the companies in corporate world
  • Use simple professional text for the heading and sub-heading
  • You can use different colors for columns for easy navigation. Make use of corporate colors, don’t use too vibrant colors

Creating and designing your own invoice can be a time-consuming process, however there are myriads of billing softwares that allows you to create beautiful customized bills for your clients. You can either use the readymade templates or go for tailor-made invoices. These invoicing apps will save much of your time and keep your work organized.

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