Getting the Best Testimonial can be Effective Marketing Technique


Public opinion can change your perception with respect to few things. It is sometimes good and sometimes bad but from business point of view, it is absolutely positive to increase sales.

Let’s take an example, you went to a restaurant, the waiter there offers you their special dish and urges you to try it. Since the dish is new and you have no idea how would it taste and with the fear of ruining your dinner, you might gently decline to order. However when you notice the same new dish has been ordered by the couple sitting next to you and they are enjoying the dish and are just praising it, you instantly might change your decision and think of ordering it. What made you change your opinion about the dish? Firstly, the customers who ordered the dish, are actually tasting it and exactly know how it tastes rather than the waiter who is trying to promote and sell the dish and secondly the customers have no profit, hence you got to believe it that the dish actually tastes good.

Similarly in business more than company talking about their product, when you hear their satisfied customers talking about it, you tend to believe them and consider making an investment. By using testimonials on your business website, you are actually building a trust factor among your prospective. It is the easiest and positive way to boost your sales.

You might have various testimonials but what do you mean by best testimonials that can really be effective for your business. Let’s check out:

Not the typical ones:

“The product is really very nice”, “I love the product”, “Service is great”, such kind of feedbacks are definitely positive but not impactful. They do not give the potential customers a strong reason to buy the product; they don’t get an idea why this product can be beneficial for them. There is no harm to put such testimonial on your website but you can’t expect that it would drive your sales.

So how should the testimonials be?

  • The testimonials should highlight the benefits about the products and services
  • Comments like “The product is quick pain relief”, “This online invoice is easy to use and helps to create invoices swiftly”, such comments talk about how the product has benefited them and certainly will prove effective

The testimonial should match with you company message or motto:

If you claim your product is easy to use and affordable, then the testimonials should reflect the same. Provide with some actual facts and figures, so that the future customers believe is what you assert.

The testimonials should highlight:

  • How much time and effort was saved by the customer with your product or service?
  • How much money did they manage to save?
  • How did your product or service solve their problem?
  • How did it help them?

Questions to these answers in form of testimonials will really be helpful and create a positive impact on the potential customers.

Testimonials should be for the targeted audience:

Let your website visitors know how your products and services helped people like them. For example – If your products are specially designed for senior citizens then mention the age of the customers who provide the testimonials or if it targets mom and children then you can put their photos or put some details about their family. This will add some personal touch to your testimonials and relate more with the audience.

Comparative testimonials:

There is no need to mention the brand name but comparing and focusing your unique qualities will make product stand apart from the crowd.

  • If your customers have tried any other product before you, let them compare and state what your product offers that other products don’t
  • Highlight on points which make your product stand apart from others as this can be an effective factor to amplify your sales

You can incorporate testimonials on your website in any format – text, audio, video or all three, the choice is yours. Remember, the testimonials presented by the customers might not be always grammatically correct, it might contain some errors. Therefore to make it more presentable and readable, refine the content appropriately. You can send the refined testimonial to the respective customer and let them know about the modification made.

Using these impactful and fact-filled testimonials will let your visitors know how creditable it is to trust your business.

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