Quick Therapies to Overcome Fears while Starting Business

Let’s take a small poll. What do you fear the most? Exams, ghosts, death, lizards or taking initiative? Okay, let’s confess, all of us have cultivated some or the other kind of fear inside us and unfortunately we ignore to overcome it. “The only thing to fear is fear itself.” Well, we are not anxiety therapists to cure all your fears but yes if you are afraid of undertaking any initiative, we can surely help you out.

Kicking off a new business is probably fear-provoking but if every entrepreneur dreaded over it, no business would have ever excelled or even survived in this world. To conquer in business, you have to conquer over your fear.
As you are just starting out, it is quite obvious that you will be new to many things but that doesn’t mean you have to panic. Firstly, you have to understand that fear can be helpful and also crucial to be successful in business. You only need to learn the trick to overcome it.

Here are some common fears faced by most of the upcoming entrepreneurs and of course there are solutions too:

Fear No. 1 – From where to begin?

Fear starts from the initial stage itself. Most of the entrepreneurs fear to get off the ground worrying about crash.

  • Such beginners can kick start their business by following footsteps of the entrepreneurs who have already accomplished the objectives which are similar to yours
  • You can read about that person, follow them on social network and if possible try to connect with them to get more advice
  • You can also take a step backward and start planning first. Remember, the path to success will open out, only when you walk on it

Fear No. 2 – Not an expert:

Practice makes a man perfect. You gain expertise only with experience, nobody is born proficient.

  • Instead of taking a back- step because of not being expert, enter into the business, learn, work hard and become dexterous in whatever you do
  • Whatever you don’t know, find answers for that
  • There is no full stop for learning, so don’t feel reluctant of learning, it is vital to be unbeaten in business

Fear No. 3 – Not able to fetch enough finance for business:

You can establish an empire even by selling hot dogs on street. So, just because you don’t have enough finance, doesn’t mean you cannot initiate a business. You must have heard success stories of numerous entrepreneurs who started off with low capital but now are minting money in their respective fields.

  • It is not essential to have huge capital, sooner or later, you may earn and grow your business.
  • You can look for loan or angel investor option for initial capital.

Fear No. 4 – Not able to attract customers:

I am putting all my efforts and money into this business but will it be valued? Will I get the expected returns? There are myriads of companies who are in same line of business and are well established, so attracting customers seems as an uphill struggle. People feel risked to invest in newly established industries.

  • Instead of fearing of hypothetical failure, make an effort to earn trust of the potential customers
  • Strive to satisfy customer needs and deliver services with joy, definitely your efforts will be appreciated and you can attract customers
  • Marketing is also essential to bring your brand under notice
  • Social media will serve as an effective platform to promote your new establishment

Fear No. 5 – Incapable of accounting/invoicing:

If you are laying your foundation in creative field, then accounting can be a total nightmare. After successfully completing your first project, it is time to present bill to your client; here is where you can slip up. Invoicing can appear as a Herculean task for the new entrepreneurs but is not as tough as it seems.

  • Online invoicing softwares will turn your fear of billing into your strength
  • Even a technically-handicapped or accounting ignorant person can operate the invoicing app smoothly

So, there is no need to fear about the billing anymore.

Winning over your fears is part of your business game. As an entrepreneur you will stumble upon many challenges and difficulties. Defeating your initial fears will make you a strong entrepreneur and will give you the strength to face the future challenges, fearlessly.

Divya Mudliar
Divya Mudliar
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