Word of Mouth is Still an Effective Marketing Technique


Though print and electronic media has transformed the form of business communication, the original and time-honored word-of-mouth is still seen to be effective and work better than any other form of marketing.

It is a human tendency, when you hear some interesting story, you tend to share with your friends and they might share it with their friends and the chain will go on and on. More than flashy commercials, people tend to trust the talking. Therefore your business story is likely to get spread with high speed than other marketing mediums. Attractive post on social media or even advertisements endorsed by favorite celebrities does not create much magic, your personal contribution in brand promotion can create a huge impact on the targeted audience.

Technology has introduced us with various marketing platforms but frankly it still lacks the power of word-of-mouth. Ads often come across as a deliberate move to prove the product or service is wonderful and due to which people don’t trust the commercials. In fact they either ignore or just overlook it. You need to unleash the value of word-of-mouth and along with the current strategies, incorporate this traditional form.

Interesting word-of-mouth:

Stories have to be interesting to get connected with people. Only engaging stories can catch attention of the people and get spread fast. If you manage to create a sensible and attractive talkable story then certainly word-of-mouth can turn up into an effective marketing tool. Add some zest to the story with real news or any exclusive information so that people instantly pay attention and feel excited to share with others.

Honesty is the best policy:

Never take support of falsehood in word-of-mouth marketing technique as it can hamper your brand reputation. Honesty is the best policy to follow, people will trust your talk only if it sounds true to them. As mentioned above, people distrust the over-positive ads that talks only good about the product or service. We don’t say that you shouldn’t talk good about your product or service but don’t make look like a deliberate move. It should be real and your dedication and sincerity should reflect in words you speak.

Make it authentic:

Your business story should reflect exactly what you offer. Neither overdo nor play down with this marketing strategy. Whatever the targeted audience has imagined about brand, it should be revealed in your brand story.

Invite customer feedback:

Involve customers in your marketing process. Show them that their opinion and feedback matters a lot. This is a valuable way to increase communication with your customers. Apart from posting about your new launch or offer in papers or social network, you can personally inform your loyal customers by calling them or by organizing a small even where you can invite all your customers and have a discussion about the coming ups.

Word of mouth is the best marketing tool but at the same time it can be a worst marketing strategy too, if it is not carried out effectively. So do build a great experience for your customers so that they automatically spread the goodness of your brand. Give them the quality and word-of-mouth can be your best advertising tactic.

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