25th Anniversary Company Celebration Ideas

The 25th anniversary is a big deal for your company. This comes as no surprise.

Your company has not only survived through 25 years, but it has also been successful and this calls for a grand celebration. However, instead of only throwing a grand party for the employees, the 25th year anniversary celebration of the company can be put to good use.

It can be used as a good advertising event to let the public know that your company has successfully completed 25 years and this can be like giving them another good reason to trust you and do business with you.

You can plan various events for the 25th anniversary and for this you can either hire an event planner or take care of it yourself.

Press Release

Once the media gets the news of your success, everyone else will know automatically.
press release

because the media will let the rest of the audience know about it. Prepare a good press release and send it to the media. Your press release should consist of your business details like logo and tagline, work description, what you offer and should also consist of a brief description of how you made it through these 25 years.

It should be brief and modest because no one is interested in reading rants about a success. However do not underplay your major achievements; after all, you achieved them. If you are planning any special sales and marketing events on your 25th anniversary, mention those in the press release. You can send your press release to local or national newspapers (depending on how widely your company operates), TV and radio stations, social media and business magazines.

Sales Events

Your business has completed 25 years because you had been able to sell it.
sales event

Your business celebrating 25 years, make it another selling event and through the selling event let your customers and clients know that you have successfully completed 25 years. One way of doing this is by waving the ‘25 year’ banner everywhere.

If you can afford it, offer a 25% discount on your products or services. Announce it brightly on your website and do not forget to print new sets of business cards and letterheads that tell everyone that you have completed 25 years. If your business budget allows it, you can also put up signs and banners announcing your success and can advertise it on newspapers.

Past Clients

Don’t forget to thank your loyal customers due to whom you are celebrating this special occasion.
past clients banner

Through the endeavour, you also get to let them know of the events you are hosting on this occasion. With a note of thanks, send them a gift.

The gift can be a gift coupon (it is better not to send past clients who had helped you make it through 25 years, a special discount coupon. This will make it seem less like a thanking note and more like a sales effort). You can also send a gift with the note, which can be a coffee mug with the company logo and a 25th anniversary banner or a simple basket full of fruits, chocolates and other goodies. Decide your gift depending on your budget.


It is the silver jubilee of your establishment. This calls for a celebration.

Planning a grand anniversary party will be no small task. Therefore, start planning a year in advance and make all the necessary arrangements. If you are throwing a party on the establishment date, advertise about it through the media.

However, if participation is through invitation only, do not forget to mention this in your ad. Make plenty of arrangement for food, drinks and entertainment in your party and do not forget to display your products with special pricing.

After all, you should never miss a chance of making a sale.

Divya Mudliar
Divya Mudliar
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