The Best Freelance Jobs to Give You Financial Stability

The world of freelancing is vast. While those unfamiliar with the term may think of it as a side hustle and nothing more, freelancing is actually a full-time career for many, many people.

As more and more professionals start to take their services online – now more than ever – young up-and-coming professionals still crave financial stability. Even if you are just new to freelancing and have no skills to market, fret not. The list below of the highest paying freelance jobs will be great professional goals to aspire to in terms of skills development and educational focus.

The highest paying freelance jobs

While by no means an exhaustive list, here are some of the best freelance jobs that you can consider for a great rate of pay, and a sense of stability that you may find more comforting than working in a traditional business.

Legal counsel for corporations

Amongst the most popular, and highest earning categories, professionals with legal experience can market themselves to corporations who require legal counsel. Earning upwards of $80 an hour, this is a great way to put legal education to use on your own terms.

IT services

Charging rates of $60 an hour at least, IT specialists also have a lucrative corner of the market and this will only grow as more and more businesses and individuals start looking for online-based help in IT.

Graphic designer

Since everyone and their dog has a website – including start-ups and small businesses – graphic designers have their pick of customers and they often will charge $50 an hour as a starting rate.

SEO expert

From Google AdWords to more advanced analytical software, anyone with high level search engine optimization (SEO) education and experience is worth their weight in gold with the amount of search engine-based competition out there. These professionals often charge $50 an hour and are in high demand.

App designers/developers

Now almost everyone has a smartphone, anyone who can create reliable and safe apps are in high demand. Developers and designers often charge $50 an hour and have plentiful opportunities online.

Make freelancing the goal

If you like what you see and you want it for yourself, use these types of freelance jobs to guide you. Start out in the lower rungs of freelancing if you need to, and combine experiential and formal education to help you get to those higher rungs where the big bucks are waiting.

From hobby to side hustle to full-time career, these freelance job niches will give you some serious professional goals to help give you the financial stability that 21s Century workers are looking for. Financial stability is not as far away as you might think!

Alasdair Nicol
Alasdair Nicol
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