How Much Should you Charge for your Web Designing Project?

How Much Do Web Designers Charge

Are you a newcomer to this web designing world? Then you must not be aware of several key factors that might offer you good projects or end up at loss. Web designing involves a multitude of skills and knowledge to build up a website that would be capable of attracting a good amount of traffic. To gain more projects you just cannot compromise with your compensations. At the same time, claiming something off the track may result in losing your clients.

Business websites cost comparatively lesser than customs websites. Moreover, a website building involves so many technicalities along with maintenance, training, content creation, and others that a web designer should expect a decent payout after project completion. Here in this article, we will guide you through every detail so that you earn a fair amount.

How much do web designers charge for their projects?

There are fairly various methods that web designers employ to charge for their web designing projects. If you are a freelancer and unaware of how or how much to charge for your projects, then check out this article.

Hourly rate

If you are wise enough while quoting your price for a web designing project you can earn more than in-house web designers. Charging on an hourly basis is common among professionals where they charge around $75 per hour. This amount varies depending on several factors that ensure that whether you earn more or less. Let’s quickly check out the factors:

Project Length

If the project is lengthy and seems like it would be consuming a longer period then the hourly rate should be lesser.

Project Difficulty

Project difficulty depends on whether you need outside help from a programmer or graphic designer, then it should cost more. Whereas, if it is similar to your past project and would require less effort you can charge less for this.

Page Count

The more pages you require to design the project means more work that needs more compensation.

A new or old client

It completely depends on you how you get more clients. But some of the professionals do charge less for new clients to get more projects.

Pet Project

A project from a well-known source that could be either friends or family, may demand less charge than other unknown sources.

Commitment level

Only a few hours of work in some project should be charged less than the one that involves full-time commitment.

Being a freelancer you cannot expect long-term commitment from your clients. Hence, quote your prices for your project wisely that would compensate for all the perks an in-house employee gets.

Flat rate

Flat rates are often preferred by the clients but generally not liked by many web designing professionals. The estimate may vary and you are not sure how long the project would take to complete. In this case, it is recommendable that you arrange a price list for web designing depending upon the clients’ requirements and budget.

The average cost for designing a website may sum up to $6800 which includes expenditure on setup, design, and building, content creating, client training, maintenance, etc. Moreover, keep yourself updated with the changing rates every year to keep up with the market rate.

How much do web designers charge per hour?

According to various surveys, the hourly rate for web designing in the United States is around $36. This rate includes the in-house web designers as well. But various studies on per hour web designing cost have shown that freelancers earn more per hour due to their overhead expenses. As freelancers charge is skill-based, so they charge around $30 – $80.

How much do web designers charge per website?

Website designing involves a multitude of services that a web designer offers to their clients. The charges vary according to the services to be offered. But for a freelancer, charges per website are between $500 to over $5,000. The rates depend upon the complexity of the project and the experience level of the web designer. Moreover, including development work and yearly maintenance may also incur more charges on the client.

How much should a web designer charge for their project?

The charges offered by a web designer on specific projects depend upon various parameters. A well-to-do web designing company may charge more based on its establishment. But in the case of freelancers, the charge should be a decent one that would earn him/her living besides keeping the business afloat. Going below a certain hourly rate would not be wise, as that would build the client’s expectation to get the work done at lower rates.

Web designing may sound simple and unique, but it involves a lot of skill and hard work. Being a freelancer you must have research well before you charge for your work. Hopefully, this article will guide you to quote your prices efficiently so that you earn well.

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