Billbooks Voted as Best Cloud-Based Invoicing Software & Application in ‘The Top Tens’ List

If you are looking for a quicker, smarter and efficient accounting companion for your business, then bid farewell to the old school billing system and get ready to embrace the revolutionary cloud-based invoicing application. Invoicing, which erstwhile seemed as a tough grind is now as simple as ABC, thanks to the cutting-edge technology of cloud-computing that has transformed the world of invoicing. Billing process is much more safe and secured with cloud-computing. It really feels like being on Cloud Nine by implementing this cloud-based tool. The web world is flooded with an array of modern cloud-based invoicing solutions but if you want to get a world class experience then what can be better than an application that has been estimably declared as Number One? Yes, our very own Billbooks have surpassed some equally capable invoicing apps and is been voted as the best cloud-based invoicing software and application in the list of ‘The Top Tens.’ You really need to be superlative to be at the top and Billbooks has earned this mark with conviction.

Simple User Interface, killer attributes, amazing pricing model, top-notch security and work from anywhere feature of Billbooks has instantly captured the public eye. Right from freelancers, small businesses to big companies, Billbooks is proved to be a perfect comrade for any sort of industry. Business will be smooth sailing with this invoicing tool as the blend of online invoicing and cloud technology will just streamline your work. You can get benefited with the assorted ingredients of the software as well as the valuable features of cloud computing. You just need to have your device and internet connection and can get started with billing from anywhere.

Which professions can be benefited with Billbooks?
Any businesses which need to furnish bill can get availed with Billbooks. Smooth cash flow is a major concern for most of the businesses, especially for freelancers, startups and small-scale industries. Now no need to lose your sleep or dread the end of the month as this amazing invoicing app will ensure you with smooth cash flow. Some creative professions like content writers, magazine editors, artists, DJs, musicians, photographers, advertisers, media and film production houses, designers, find it really difficult to deal with numbers; hence Billbooks can serve as a lifeline to such occupations. HR agents, project managers, web-developers, legal consultants, event managers, teachers, IT experts, software consultants are already wedged with their nonstop duties and on top of that, managing bills is an uphill struggle for them. Billbooks comes across as a much reliable, easy to use and competent billing companion for these lines of work. Apart from these, small businesses like electric consultants, music shops, stationary shops, private car hire, chauffeurs, medical agencies, furniture stores etc. who are unable to afford the other expensive softwares can be benefited with Billbooks which is an economical invoicing tool. Billbooks have till date, aided millions of professions and will continue to lend a hand to more businesses, around the globe.

What makes Billbooks, ‘The Best’?
If this ingenious invoicing software has been rated as number one, then certainly there must be some gripping quality which makes it stand out of the crowd? Well, there is no one or two qualities but there is a cluster of exceptional features which makes Billbooks outshine from its competitors.

Let’s focus on some of the most convenient features of Billbooks that will enhance your billing experience:

Pricing policy:

  • In today’s world, it is very difficult to spot a resourceful business tool that is efficient without being heavy on your pocket. Billbooks is one such online invoicing app which is cost-effective for all types of businesses.
  • Why to pay fixed monthly rental, if you’re not using the billing system frequently? Billbooks follows the unique pay per invoice policy, unlike other invoicing apps which hand over you with heavy bills per month. The invoices are priced quite reasonably.
  • Did I hear ‘free’? Yes, you heard it right, the first three invoices are complimentary and you can prepare unlimited estimates that too free of cost.

Multilingual tool:

  • Whether you speak English, Spanish, German, French or Dutch, Billbooks will interact with you as per your convenience.
  • Billbooks have clients from almost all over the world. So to make user interaction more comfortable, apart from English, the application is available in other foreign languages like Spanish, German, Dutch and French.

Invoicing traits:

  • Remember the traditional invoicing technique where it was backbreaking to sit and sort out the bills? With Billbooks it’s all so painless; within few clicks you can easily categorize your bills as paid, unpaid or pending.
  • Now no need of calculator, as the software automatically calculates dues, in case of pending invoices. All the calculations are completely error free.
  • Maintain hourly time billing with flat fee and recurring invoicing.

Easy for your customers:

  • Billbooks accept payments with the most trusted payment modes like PayPal,, 2Checkout, Braintree, Stripe and WePay. So now you can get paid faster by your clients.
  • Sometimes your client may forget to recollect the payment due date; hence you can gently remind such customers about the nearing payment date by sending them auto-generated reminders.
  • Most of the clients want PDF attached to their emails and unfortunately many softwares fail to deliver this service but the good news is Billbooks offer this feature. You can save and send invoices to your clients in different formats like PDF and HTML.

User friendly features:

  • Billbooks is extremely user-friendly which is one of the major factors that makes it the most loved invoicing app.
  • You can add your personal touch to the invoices by uploading logo, integrating email address, thank you note and other such customized elements.
  • Keyboards shortcuts, probably no other cloud-based invoicing app provides such outstanding feature. To save much of your time and effort, Billbooks presents you smart keyboard shortcuts like I – Invoice, E -Estimate, C- Client, E-Expense; this is certainly the USP of this product.

Extra ordinary facilities for you:

  • Apart from invoicing, Billbooks can also assist you in controlling your expenses by tracking them.
  • You don’t need a separate accountant to calculate the profit and loss statement as Billbooks easily prepares the P&L report for you.
  • No need to search up and down the list for the most frequent clients. You can mark your favorites with star sign, who will appear on the top of the client list.

What our clients have to say?
Some of our contented Billbooks users, present around the globe have to say few words about this top rated cloud based invoicing software.

Simon Klass –
“I signed up to Billbooks after looking for online invoicing that was easy to use. I needed a few tweaks so I sent Billbooks my suggestions. They not only replied immediately but carried out these changes quickly and did everything they promised.”

Lesley McAteer –
“I’ve been looking for an easy-to-use billing program and thankfully found Billbooks. It’s exactly what I need: simple, intuitive, professional and affordable.”

Tamkeen Siddique
“I’ve used almost every big & small online invoicing web app and none of them fit the bill – like BillBooks! The invoices embedded within the email look very professional and have made a great impression on my clients. However, the bigger treat above all is the convenience of hassle-free Invoice packages. A big thank you to the entire Billbooks team for creating an innovative invoicing web app, I truly appreciate all the effort!”

Scott McDonald –
“I am enjoying using Billbooks. It works fine for me.”

Kyle Koerber
“I found a great billing system that I have been looking for a few months now. Billbooks is extremely user friendly and economical. Great job guys!”

Mandar Ambrekar –
“I am a business development executive and my monthly invoicing is limited to the industry I cater to. Billbooks has given me the freedom I need to send unlimited, free estimates. Plus, I’m only charged 30 cents per invoice which is great!”

These are the voices of few of our clients. Like them many of our users have appreciated this software and also have lend their support to make Billbooks, one of the finest cloud-based invoicing apps in the world.

More than achieving the top position or recognition, Billbooks believes to live up to that position. Since its inception, this online invoicing app aimed to transform the complicated billing process into a smooth and simple process and have ultimately succeeded. The product has helped to eliminate invoice shocks, manage client expectations and ensure smooth cash flow which in turn will take your business to another level. Billbooks assures all its users, to continue to deliver the best and come up with more valuable and fascinating services that would add more fun and ease to their invoicing experience.

Billbooks is very grateful to achieve the tag of ‘Best Cloud-Based Invoicing Software & Application’ in ‘The Top Tens’ list and endeavors to achieve more such acknowledgments in future.

Divya Mudliar
Divya Mudliar
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