Business Cues to learn from “The Godfather”


“I’m gonna make him an offer which he can’t refuse.” Now you definitely can’t refuse to read this, you might also be thinking what’s there to learn in “The Godfather”. You might have seen it millions of time, even I have seen it several times, but have you ever noticed that the cult classic certainly revolve around the Mafia and the crime but it has been an inspiring tale for more than three decades now.
There are loads of things which can inspire to a great extent for a great success and to become a good leader.

The Godfather, a trilogy of gangster saga which highly revolves around power, family and capitalism provides an ultimate life changing substance through its narration, story and characterization. The life of a gangster family which has broken the boundaries of time and it can provide you some of the most important lessons to build your career, your business with an unending success. Now, that’s an offer which nobody will dare to refuse, to say in a classic “The Godfather” way that’s an offer which you can’t refuse.

Before we move on to what cues are there to take from “The Godfather”, we must understand what exactly it is that makes it cult classic, and overwhelming. The saga itself is an overflowing river of life, rich with all sorts of emotions and scenarios which everybody suffers through one way or other. It has inspiration, it has explanations to problems, it has a success story, and it has cues for life as well as for business.

There are ways you can make yourself to the top. It is up to you what you follow and what things you keep with you to lead your way.

Business cues inspired from “The Godfather” for businesses to lead your business flawlessly.

Keep your emotions away:
As a leader, you have your responsibilities which you need to get done, so you need to be more concerned about things which matter to get it done what you have to do. Instead of following things blindly make sure you think wisely and diplomatically as emotional outbursts can lead you to the pitfall. Act when you are ready to accept all the possible outcomes from the situation so that you can commence your immediate actions whenever relevant situation occurs. Keep a close eye on your competitors; excess of hatred will tempt you to take wrong actions.

Like Michael Corleone Says, “Never hate your enemies. It affects your judgment.”

Know your friends but keep your eye on enemies:
The world is rapidly becoming an unending race between people; everyone is always completing each other for the success. For any business, competitors are the biggest obstacle hence it is certainly of more significant to always keep a watchful eye on your competitors. Running a business is like game of chess you need to be precise, dedicated and strategic; you should always be aware of your competitors move because there is the catch it’s going to affect your business on a large scale. Act before your rivals act on things, and always have a better plan than your competitors.
‘Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer’

“A friend should always underestimate your virtues and an enemy overestimate your faults.”– Don Vito Corleone.

Always keep your word:
When you offer something to people, they will certainly keep on expecting from you and if you don’t fulfill their expectations they will lose faith in you. If you do this to your customers you substantially put their loyalty at stake, your word must be always kept cause that’s the only thing which keeps your customers and employees motivated. You should consider the fact that whether you are going to fulfill what you offer to people, and if you can do that then and then only offer something to them. Although saying no to things majorly influence your impact in the market but saying yes and then failing to do it will cost you double bad influence.

‘This is the business we’ve chosen!’

Be powerful with powerful connections:
When somebody helps you in your bad time you certainly cannot forget that for your life, and you will always live your life to pay back that debt. One thing is to remember here is when you help others, you will receive help as well, and the respect. Keep your connection tight; be always interactive because these connections are the ones which are going to help you get your vital leads for your business. Having few connection to make you ride smoother in the market will definitely be very ethical way to proceed, and most of the businessmen do have their communication network.

“Someday, and that day may never come, I’ll call upon you to do a service for me.” – Don Vito Corleone.

Give respect, take respect:
Now this must be the every businessman’s agenda, everyone here is working to earn the money, earn the status in the market, and if you want some respect back from people never forget to respect them and their visions, their choices. Respect is what matters the most in the industry, with respect, the word of mouth comes in parallel which popularizes your business. A formal request can make big tasks very easy when you treat people with certain respect. Respect is the greatest virtue of a businessman, moreover of a man.

“You can act like a man!” – Don Vito Corleone.

Never take it too personal:
As people say, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.” The same goes for business, when in a business, nothing here is too personal. It’s all just a give and take reaction, it’s just business. Success and failure are the two faces of the same coin, you definitely going to see either of the side when you pull it out. It is up to us how we face it and how we take it, but one thing is sure never take it too personal because it‘s going to reflect in your business.

You simply need to remember that, “it’s not personal, it’s business.” – Michael Corleone

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