Catchy Catchphrase – A Winning Marketing Tool

catchphrase marketing tool

Let’s play a small quiz and see if you can recall these famous brands

  – I’m lovin it

  – Think different

  – Just Do It

  – American by birth. Rebel by choice

  – Save money. Live better

Yeah, yeah till now you must have identified almost all the brands, starting from McDonalds followed by Apple, Nike, Harley Davidson and Walmart.

What made you instantly remember these brands? Evidently, it is the killer slogans, used to promote these companies. Whether it is a motor company or a fast food joint, you can simply remember the product even if you are not an admirer of it, this is the power of a powerful catchphrase.

Slogan is an effective and a great marketing tool that highlights the core essence of the brand.

The main goal of any slogan is to grab attention of the customers and make them believe that they are using the right product or dealing with a perfect company.

A slogan should convey the purpose of your business. Even if you make an effective slogan that suits your brand, it won’t work in your favor until and unless it is easy to memorize or striking to remember. Make a slogan that easily melts in the mouth of the public.

Confused, how to write an effective + catchy catchphrase for your budding business?

Don’t worry here are few tricks that would help you to come up with a killer slogan for your startup:

Logo comes first:

Does your product or company have a logo?
Green And Blue Nike Jacket

No, then first plan up for a logo so that you can combine it with a suitable slogan. When you look at the logo of Nike with a ‘correct’ or Tick sign, you instantly match it up with its slogan, Just do it, which complements the logo. Similarly LG’s slogan Life’s Good is often confused to be the full form of the acronym LG but it is the bacronym which means a slogan or a catchphrase that fits the existing word (LG).

Basically LG stands for Lucky and Goldstar. Logo plays an important role in branding and this can be used as one of the tools to come up with an exceptional slogan for your product.

Mingle your product with jingle:

‘Do you… Yahoo!?’ – Yahoo!, ‘Once you pop, you can’t stop’ – Pringles

Doesn’t this rhyming slogans seems catchy? Even if the slogan is of three to four words, it should be pleasing when you read or hear, hence rhythmic slogans or jingles are memorable and famous type of slogans. According to a study, rhyming words easily get stored in your minds. Jingles can be effective to kick-start your business or for launching a new product.

Do You Yahoo

Short and sweet:

‘Connecting people’, ‘Think small’, ‘There is no substitute’
Nokia Connecting People

The slogans above are of two to four words they are effective and conveniently convey the purpose of their brand. Long slogans are puzzling and are forgettable. When you go for short slogans, make it powerful and convincing. For eg. Connecting people, slogan of popular mobile brand-Nokia, doesn’t even need explanation it easily expresses the message of the brand.

Honesty is the best policy:

Can your company actually deliver what it claims for?

In business, it is very important to be honest to your customers, if you are asserting something through your slogan make sure it’s an honest thought. Just by claiming to be the No. 1 brand, or World’s best product, does not mean the customers are fool to believe you. If Wikipedia states to be The Free Encyclopedia, it lives up to its catchphrase,

Honesty Is The Best Policy

Philips was one of the prominent electronic companies to bring innovation and change in the world of electronic technology hence its tagline, Let’s Make Things Better was just apt for branding.

Opposites attract:

‘To be or not to be’, ‘Believe it or not!’ , ‘Let you fingers do the walking’
Opposites Attract

Such kind of phrases with opposite, reversal words or paradox situations often creates an excitement and inquisitiveness among the public and encourage them to explore the brand or know the company in a better way.

These are the five magical techniques which you can use to make an unsurpassed slogan for your company or product. You never know, even your company may get recognized throughout the globe due to your catchy slogan.

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