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Billing which was once upon a time considered as a hectic task because of the mind-numbing manual process has now become as simple as ABC. All the credit goes to online invoicing softwares. Market is flooded with number of invoicing softwares but it’s puzzling to choose the most productive one out of the tons of software. However, after a lot of research, analysis and based on user opinion, the experts have shortlisted 3 most accepted invoicing tools and have compared them. In this article, we have examined Billbooks, Freshbooks and Invoicera on the basis of its features, pricing, user-friendliness and various other factors which will aid small businesses and freelancers to choose the best app that that fits their need.

Here is a brief information of what this article has to offer you:

Comparison Billbooks Freshbooks Invoicera
Acclaimed Best Cloud-Based Invoicing Software and App in ‘The Top Tens List’, in the year 2014 Best Accounting Software in 2015 Award winning billing platform
Year of Establishment 2012 2003 2006
Free Trial Yes Yes Yes
Type of Clients Small business, freelancers Small business Small business, medium-sized business
Pricing Policy $ 10 – get 20 invoices, at $20 – 50 invoices, $35 – 100 invoices and $60 – 200 invoices $ 12.95 per month, $ 19.95 per month, $ 29.95 per month, $ 39.95 per month $ 19.95 per month – 100 clients, $ 39.95 and $ 99.95 per month – unlimited clients
Unique Feature Pay per invoice pricing policy Automatic PayPal integration feature Incredible 21 payment gateways integrated
Customised Invoice Yes Yes Yes
File Attachment Yes No Yes
Security 256-bit SSL encryption 256-bit SSL encryption 256-bit SSL encryption


Billbooks –  

Billbooks as its slogan says ‘Experience the joy of billing’, actually has transformed the boring billing task into enjoyable. Billbooks was voted as Best Cloud-Based Invoicing Software and App in ‘The Top Tens List’, in the year 2014. Thousands of users present in around 140 countries are happy to use this app due to its extremely pocket-friendly pricing policy and easy to use features. The app is really fast and allows any business to send invoices in a jiffy.

Freshbooks –

Freshbooks was entitled as Best Accounting Software in 2015. It is a cloud-based online invoicing solution that’s user-friendly, simple and efficient. The software runs smoothly on both desktop and mobile. Spend less time billing and dedicate the saved time to foster your business. Around 5 million users around the globe are using Freshbooks.

Invoicera –

Invoicera states ‘Invoicing simplified’ and it actually became victorious in simplifying the billing task. Though it is not that popular, but still widely used invoicing app and also an award winning billing platform. This cloud based accounting software has around 2.5 million happy customers all around the world. Invoicera is a feature-rich software solution that is reliable and manageable.  Invoicera offers professional customised invoicing.

Date of establishment:

Billbooks came into market in 2012

Freshbooks was established long back in 2003

Invoicera was introduced in 2006

Type of customers: 

Billbooks cater the accounting needs of almost every business but is much handy for small businesses and freelancers. Startups, freelancers, web designing and web developing agencies, travel agencies, musicians, content writers, artists, lawyers, teachers, tutors find Billbooks really handy for billing their clients on regular basis.

Freshbooks is specially designed to meet the needs of small businesses. People belonging to construction line, marketing consultants, legal consultants, web designers and web developers are using Freshbooks.

Invoicera satisfies the billing requirements of small as well as medium sized businesses. It is mostly used by photographers, lawyers, restaurant and hotel owners, insurance companies, travel agencies, digital agencies and consultants.

Free Trial:

Billbooks – First 3 invoices absolutely free and also estimates are free forever

Freshbooks – Offers its customers free trial for 30 days

Invoicera – Businesses can invoice upto 3 clients for free

Pricing policy:

Billbooks –

One of the amazing features of Billbooks is that it offers ‘Pay per invoice’ pricing policy. You don’t need to pay for invoices which you haven’t used, no monthly payment policy.  Pay $ 10 and get 20 invoices, at $20 get 50 invoices, $35 for 100 invoices and $60 for 200 invoices. You can send invoices to unlimited clients with any of the packages. You can upgrade and buy invoices only how much you require.

Freshbooks –

Freshbooks offers various pricing plans to fit the budget of different businesses. The basic pricing starts from $ 12.95 per month. You can bill upto 5 clients and get unlimited invoices, expenses and time-tracking.

Other pricing packages –   $ 19.95 per month, $ 29.95 per month, $ 39.95 per month

Invoicera –

Minimum pricing plan offered by Invoicera is $19.95 per month for 100 clients while the other two billing packages $ 39.95 and $ 99.95 per month offers invoicing for unlimited clients.  Invoicera also provides auto bill recurring. After you upgrade the plan, you can opt for monthly, half-yearly or annually payment.

Unique product features:

Billbooks –

As we have mentioned, Billbooks offer pay per invoice pricing policy which is one of the exceptional features of Billbooks. Apart from this, some of the amazing features of Billbooks are:

  • Billbooks has exclusive keyboard shortcuts feature which makes sending invoices much simpler, quick and efficient
  • Supports multi-currency and multi-language
  • Reports will be calculated as per the fiscal month
  • Auto payment reminders available
  • Easily access regular clients by marking them with a star
  • If you are migrating from other invoicing software to Billbooks, you can easily import all your important data using the Migration tool
  • You can effortlessly add stock and manage your inventory using “Items”
  • Find clients and invoices instantly with live search option

Freshbooks –

Freshbooks is one of the most popular invoicing softwares in the world which is widely acclaimed and accepted.

  • Send customised invoices
  • Supports multi-currency and multi-language
  • Assign and rebill expenses
  • Auto payment reminders
  • Easily track offline payments
  • The software has automatic PayPal integration feature
  • Freshbooks boast a unique feature to calculate employee payroll in a flash. It allows its employees to enter their work time using mobile app
  • Snail mail service is available at additional cost

Invoicera –

With Invoicera, you can manage all the invoices from a single dashboard itself. Here are some amazing features offered by Invoicera:

  • Send good looking and professional invoices with free invoice templates
  • Manually and professionally customise the invoices
  • Just click a button, convert invoices to PDF files in no time
  • There are incredible 21 payment gateways integrated with Invoicera
  • Mark invoices as sent manually (if needed)
  • Completely mobile-friendly
  • You can attach important files or documents to your invoice or estimate 


Billbooks is an authentic site and its servers are protected with external intrusion as it is guarded with 256-bit SSL encryption. The software is safe behind high resistant firewalls.

Freshbooks use 256-bit SSL encryption. And for total security purpose, the servers are safeguarded with firewalls and are safe from unauthorised access.


Like other softwares, even Invoicera is safeguarded with 256-bit SSL encryption. The software is completely secured from unauthorized access and destruction caused due to virus.

We have done the hard work to help you take quick and perfect decision in choosing invoicing application that fits your business. However, the final verdict is yours.

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