Automated Invoicing for Music Teachers

Automated Invoicing for Music Teachers

As a professional music teacher your regular work cycle includes teaching, taking music sessions and getting paid.  Teaching music is your forte but invoicing can be a bit complicated.  Sometimes you charge students for single session, sometimes after a month, before a month or charge students for lessons. If you teach multiple musical instruments then teaching charges will be different for each instrument.  You can almost end up spending hours in billing.  Creating separate bill for each student is not only time-consuming but a very complex process.  It also becomes an awkward situation to chase for payments by calling or keeping follow up with the students or their parents.  Tracking payments (students who has paid, pending payment) of diverse students is also backbreaking.

Apart from passion, if you are teaching music as profession then maintaining smooth cashflow becomes very crucial. Automated invoicing is the most effective and super way to get paid on time.

How automated invoicing can be helpful music teachers?

  • Some students may forget to pay and reminding them every now and then can sound rude and unprofessional. Creating and mailing invoices is an efficient technique to send payment reminders to the students.
  • Sending invoices to student will serve as a proof that how much they owe you to pay. They can view the invoice whenever they want and make payment.
  • If a student is confused about the charges, it becomes easy to explain them by sending detailed invoice that outlines the charges. This will clarify all their confusion related to fees
  • One student can take different lessons at a time. Hence manually calculating the fees each time for each lesson or class (as per the course type and period of course) can be an uphill struggle. Automated invoicing softwares makes flawless calculations and also give complete detail about the classes, conducted date and its particular fees.
  • There is no fixed time or day for generating invoices, with online invoicing tools, you can create and send invoice to client whenever you want. You can set an automated timer according to which invoices will automatically get delivered in students’ mailbox.
  • You can send customised invoices to your students without much effort. You can add any personalised message and also add your personal touch by displaying your music school logo and contact details.
  • Since you may require to send invoices on set intervals to same students, online billing softwares offer recurring invoice feature that send invoices automatically.
  • You can track and maintain record of payments of your students, easily. Check students who have paid or invoice is pending and send reminders to those who haven’t paid within the due date.

No matter if you need monthly invoicing, lesson-wise invoicing or subject-wise invoicing or all kind of invoicing options, online tools will streamline your billing process and help you to focus more on teaching instead of worrying about how to get paid on time.

Billbooks can serve as an effective cloud-based online invoicing tool for music teachers as its pocket-friendly, easy-to-use and helps to get paid faster.

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