Wellness Program to Shoot up Employee Performance

What can be a better way than to move ahead with your professional life in a healthier way?

Naah, we are not talking about weight-loss or dieting, we are concerned about employees’ wellness. Busy work days have strained employees to skip meals and switch to quick bites like crunching unhealthy snacks. Poor intake not only affects the well-being, it also has negative impact on employee’s productivity. However, employee wellness program is not just limited to eating habits, it extends to fitness plan, behavioral factors, acknowledgment and engagement games and strategies that keep employees content.

We have encountered that many companies assume employee wellness program can turn out to a be a costly-affair but in reality you earn more benefits by spending less. Small gestures like offering fresh fruits, walking meeting, conducting yoga sessions will either cost you peanuts or zilch. In fact, you also win employees’ loyalty, as you are showing interest in their well-being.

It’s passe when cash was the ultimate reward for employees, at present and also from long-term perspective, wellness initiative is a surefire winner to engage employees and boost productivity.

From bags of ideas, we have handpicked few wellness approach that will nurture the top talent and boost employee performance :-

1. Fitbit Challenge to Monitor Employee’s Fitness:

Let’s get going with the most in-thing – Fitbit. This innovative technology gizmo encourage employees to shed weight, stay physically active and also amplifies their confidence level. Companies can arrange Fitbit challenges with rewards attached. The software is easy-to-use and manage, you just need to find the right fit for your business.

Fitbit can be pretty penny but certainly a good wellness investment to make as apart from health benefits, Fitbit can have great impact on business too. It increases employee engagement and boosts their productivity. Fitbit devices are user-friendly and definitely worth trying.

2. Integrate wellness activities:

Honestly speaking, there is no such thing as ‘no time for exercise’, even 10 to 15 minutes a day can lead you to healthy living. Most of the employees growl that tight work schedule is affecting their health however you act in response by integrating some wellness activities within workspace itself.

  • Daily dose of yoga or even weekly thrice can work wonders. Yoga will pump up your mind, body and soul. The peacefulness and relief which employees would experience from yoga will certainly energize them and refine their performance.
  • Unexciting boardroom meetings can be turned into zestful walk meetings. Conducting walk meetings outdoor with nature view is really refreshing and also evoke creative thoughts that make the meetings more rewarding.
  • Grabbing lunch with fellow employees will encourage them more to work in teams as their mutual bonding would increase. But you must be wondering how does this relate with employee wellness? Instead of having midday meal within the office premises, you can walk down to nearest restaurant (remember we said by walk) At least twice or thrice a week. This is small but positive step to healthy living. PAY ATTENTION! Lunch at restaurant doesn’t mean feasting. It’s our humble request that you only look out for nourishing food or else the walk will go in vain.
  • No elevator usage! Taking stairs is the most effective way to burn calories, you can motivate the employees to use staircase instead of elevator. This doesn’t even seem like exercise and silently helps you to stay fit.
  • Organizing fun games is a good move for rejuvenation. You can ask employees to participate in sporty games like hula hoop, running race, trampoline, etc.

3. Low quality snacks and junk food is strictly prohibited:

Sitting at one place for elongated hours and churning unhealthy food is certainly one of the crucial reasons that is affecting the good health of employees. Gorging on food that has low or no nutritional value will harm wellness of your employees and also affect their productivity. As an efficient business, it is your responsibility to take care of eating habits of your employees when they are within your premises. Instead of offering poor snacks, you can switch to healthier snack options that are high in nutritional value and good filling food too. Food has a powerful impact of productivity of employees. You can offer low fat menu that includes whole grains, legumes, fruits and vegetables. Nourishment like flavored yoghurt, almond milk, veg salads, sprout salads, bean salads,vegetable soup, hummus, nut butters, muffins can be great snacks to be served at workplace that will improve the health as well the productivity.

We have more to add on our list, stay tuned….

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