Helpful Tools for Successful Tutoring Business


Tutoring business is not just restricted to teaching. Like any other small business owner or freelancer, even tutors need to deal with managing multiple tasks. To streamline their regular work process, online assistance like educational tools, productive tools, teaching softwares, collaborative tools, time-saving tools, billing tools and other such useful tools are being introduced.  Private tutoring business is flourishing all over the globe. Since the business is in much demand, it will be wise for the tutors to embrace technology and make their work more efficient and easy.  Tuition teachers can gain a lot of benefits by using online tools. To add more to the advantage of the tutors, we have shortlisted some really helpful tools for them.

Take a glimpse of the list below and check what each tool has to offer:


Geographical boundary is no more a confining factor for teaching. Freelance tutors or private coaching classes with the help of virtual platforms can spread education and knowledge, wherever they want without any obstacle.  One such popular tool for global communication is Skype. It is not necessary that the tutor and students should dwell in vicinity, same city or even same country to interact. With high-quality video chat feature, lectures can be conducted in any part of the world and can be attended by students from any part of the world. Skype is a great platform for virtual training and connect with students, worldwide.


Wikispaces is an awesome collaboration platform where easily virtual classroom is set up to discuss and share knowledge. With more than 10 million registered teachers, this tool helps to manage day-to-day classroom work much effectively. Educators can effortlessly create assignments, share with students and encourage them to participate in discussion. Wikispaces is also best for students to showcase their knowledge. Teachers can also keep track of everything that takes place in the virtual classroom.

Tutor’s Office:

Managing private tutoring business is now as simple as ABC with Tutor’s office. This software helps the tutors to efficiently manage all their daily activities like meetings, to-dos, lectures, billing, expenses and much more. Tutor’s office is easy to use software and has everything that is required by a tutor.


Flipboard another productive tool for teachers, is a user-friendly interface where they can create education news feed, collect information and share relevant study material with the students.  The digital class space allows teachers to easily collaborate with students. After subscribing with Flipboard, students can access any magazine and discover interesting educational topics.


Coaching profession not just involves teaching, it is also essential for tutors to manage their cashflow.  Since teaching is now carried on virtual level, collecting fees online from different sources can be a complicated task as you might struggle with keeping record of payments. Billbooks can serve as an effective invoicing tool that will help you to send invoices easily and collect timely fees.  It will also help you to track payments as well as expenses.  The app is really easy to use and pocket-friendly.


Evernote is a great application that helps the private tutors to easily organise notes, emails, calendars, to-do lists, almost everything that makes life easy of a professional.  This collaborative cum productive tool enhances the student and teacher relationship by making knowledge shareable on vast level.  This tool is definitely time-saving and favourable for tutors.

Above are just few handpicked tools. There are myriads of other tools that will help tutors to set up a successful business. However using the above tools will certainly help tutors to take their profession to next level.

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