Engage Online Customers with Engaging Biz Quiz


It’s Quiz Time!!! So, are you excited or dreaded? Come on, it’s not school quiz to be anxious. You must have absconded from taking part in school quiz contests but online biz quizzes are just hard to ignore. It is neither too hard like ‘Slivovitz is made from which fruit?’ nor as easy as ‘What is 2 + 2?’  It’s simply engaging and sometimes rewarding too.

Multitude of websites put up interesting quizzes to instantly magnetize the site visitors. Well, businesses are smartly integrating quiz section, not just for entertainment purpose but fundamentally for marketing their company or brand. Online businesses can be successful only with active user engagement and in order to attain this goal, companies are undertaking interactive strategies like quiz. Most of the online businesses are integrating quiz section on their website to provide enjoyable and competitive experience for the potential customers, it also encourages learning. Unlike school quiz competitions, web visitors enjoy taking online quiz and share their ranking and opinion with their friends. Thus it is productive to incorporate fun and interesting quizzes.

Putting up quiz on your site is not a walk in the park, you need to mull over numerous key features before setting up quiz for consumers.

Right topic for right audience:

Before you plan to start up with quiz, you should be completely clear with the quiz topic and audience.

  • Choose a topic that is relevant to your company; for example if your company deals with food products, prepare a quiz based on that subject rather than focusing on irrelevant subjects like politics or movies
  • Like right topic targeting right audience is also equally important. You need to target the people who are really interested in playing the quiz, then only your strategy will succeed
  • If you know any person who will show interest in your quiz, write to him
  • You can publish the quiz link on social networking pages, this way more people will come to know about your quiz

Tempting title for your quiz:

Catchy title is essential to catch attention of the web audience.

  • The quiz title should be magnetizing as well as should compel the viewers to take the quiz instantly
  • You can add gripping words like ‘really’ and ‘which’ to grab attention of the audience

How to craft the quiz?

The main aim of the quiz is to increase conversation and build rapport with the potential customers. Quiz can really be a magical tool to raise site ranking and win customers as it can be addictive and allow instant interaction. Don’t feel reluctant to get personal, you can ask questions as you ask your friends to develop conversation.

  • Play tactfully, ask questions in such a way that the players tell you something about themselves
  • You can ask the audience to take quiz by logging in with their email id or social networking sites, this way you can build connection
  • Instead of quiz, you can also raise a poll where you can ask the audience to keep their views. For example: In case of invoicing website, you can keep a poll asking questions related to invoicing like do you prefer online invoicing or manual process, what do you do when you receive invoice or how would you like to receive invoices. Questions like these will help you to know more about your customers and what they prefer

Where to post your quiz?

Once you have prepared a perfect quiz, it’s time to post it to gain interaction of the audience.

  • Apart from your own website, you can promote your quiz on social networking sites
  • Highlight the quiz in such a way that it gets easily noticed and compels the audience to take up the quiz
  • Have a dedicated page for quiz which only has quiz and no other distractions so that the quiz takers can play with full concentration
  • You can share the quiz on Twitter and Facebook timeline
  • You can also share your quiz through email newsletter that will increase user engagement with your website

Having a popular quiz is not a cakewalk; you have to follow a thoughtful process, conduct research, know your audience, gather necessary facts and information and then promote the quiz on various platforms. Quiz can be fresh and captivating technique to reach and engage your potential customers.

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