2014 Leaves Behind some Dynamic Trends which will be Effective in 2015 too


“Year passes… what is left behind are the memories.” Like every year departs by leaving some good memories to cherish, 2014 has also given entrepreneurs some fruitful code of conduct for business. Watch out for the trends that have ruled the leave-taking year and are anticipated to spread its magnificence in the coming year too.

Trends not only have the potential to influence people but it also has the power to influence the business. Each year new trends are brought in and followed in business, some trends lose their charm very soon while some powerful trends continue to spread their magic even in the subsequent year. As 2014 comes to an end, it is time to look back at the trends that sizzled the business world. There were many trends and business philosophies that were bought under limelight in 2014 and they are anticipated to have a positive impact on 2015 too.You can catch up with those approaches and carry on the strategies to make your business stand out in the New Year.

Apart from the upcoming business policies, you can follow the well-accepted trends and winning strategies mentioned below:

For marketing, Video is the King:
It’s a well known fact that content is the king but in 2014, videos became the compelling factor that managed to increase the sales. According to a report, it was analyzed that there is 85% chances of sales conversion when customer watches a product video. People mostly prefer to buy products after watching its demo or video that promotes the brand. Videos have turned out to be of more assistance to the customers.

Don’t overlook customer service:
Customer service has always been a priority when it comes to business. No matter big or small, every business paid attention to customer service not only last year but from years. However, recently improved customer service has become a surviving factor, particularly for small businesses. Customers have become smarter than before they expect for instant response from the service providers or else they instantly switch to some other dealer who offer better customer service. So don’t fail to pay heed to customer service.

Mobile commerce:
After ecommerce, mobile commerce has taken the retail world by storm. Presently, more and more customers are seen shopping through their mobiles. Most of the businesses introduced mobile apps in 2014 to makes customer’s shopping experience more memorable. Some retail businesses have embraced responsive website designs for on the go customers. Mobile commerce transactions are expected to increase drastically in coming years. Thus, businesses that neglect mobile platform may undergo huge loss.

Co-working space:
Co-working space remained a hot trend from 2012 and will continue to be in trend in the coming year too. The number of co-working spaces as compared to the traditional working spaces has considerably increased. People find collaborative work spaces more stimulating and energetic thus this trend will be seen fast spreading in many countries across the globe in 2015.

Google ranking influenced by page load time:
In 2014 businesses have identified the fact that Google ranking for the website is mostly affected by the page load time. The more your web page takes time to load, the more you lose the customers. In this fast pace world, people can’t afford to waste much time, they intend for quick outcome. If a webpage takes more than 6 seconds to load, potential customers directly take exit from the website and explore other websites that offers same products or services. This behavior of web visitors drastically affects the website Google ranking. Hence most of the businesses are making use of strategies that reduce the load time. In fact in the coming years, prospective customers can become more impatient and hope for quick results, so make sure your website pages gets loaded in a flash.

Research will be conducted and new trends would come into action in 2015, however it will be ill-advised, if you bid farewell to the above approaches with 2014. The year is leaving back some great business policies which will certainly have a positive impact on business sales in the New Year.

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