Send Estimates in Less Than 60 Seconds to Improve Sales

Less than 60 seconds!!!! How quick is that? Yes, you can definitely manage to send estimates to your clients in such a short time span and improve your sales. Can’t believe? Then pass an eye over this article.

Surprise your clients not only with your exceptional piece of work but also by sending estimates, surprisingly faster. In this busy as bee life, the time has become the most precious thing to spend. Businesses can’t afford to waste their as well as their clients’ valuable time behind long-drawn-out but inescapable tasks. According to a survey, it is noticed that customers all over the world, appreciate and respond to companies that respond to them promptly.

Okay, but before jumping into why send quick invoices, let us first explain 

Why Have an Estimate

After exploring any product or service, the first thing any prospect anticipates to get from the concerned business is ‘quotation’. 

An estimate is an initial document which any business drafts before kicking off any project. It gives the potential customer a rough idea about the pricing. An estimate should include products/services, timeline, project completion date, deliverables, terms and detail cost. Sending estimate is actually considered a good business practice.

“Strike while the iron is hot”, your prospect might be awed with your product/service and would like to invest in it. If you delay quoting your charges, he may lose his interest and possibly will switch to another dealer. Thus, promptly send them the estimates before their excitement goes down the drain. Sending quick estimates will result in quick sales and improve efficiency.

Let’s now find out why quick estimates are so crucial?

To Stand Out in Cut-Throat Competition

Competition is part and parcel of every business; no business can run away from it. There may be myriads of companies, who will be in the same line of business as yours. You are not the only company, which your customer is exploring. Customers have a butterfly mind, they do not settle with one dealer. Delay by you will shift their focus to others.

Solution: Quick estimates will allow the customers to take quick decisions and probably would lead to quick sales too. This can be your plus point in comparison to other companies and work as a secret weapon to increase sales.

To Match Customer Deadline

As you have deadlines, even your customers can have deadline. For instance, if a customer urgently requires a tool for developing a project, you cannot delay the sales process as it can wreck his work. Such customers cannot afford to wait longer for your response, he would anticipate for instant reply. If you work at snail’s speed, your sales rate will also grow in that speed rather you might fail to make sales.

To Match Fast Life

Sometimes it may not be the deadline but the fast life that is compelling the businesses to estimate swiftly. In this fast pace life, everybody want instant results, they don’t like to wait.

For example: if any website or video takes time to load, users instantly take an exit. Thus if not within 60 seconds, at least manage to deliver accurate and professional estimates within few minutes.

Automated Process is the Underlying Factor

Manually, do you think it is possible to accurately calculate, professionally outline and deliver an estimate within 60 seconds or at least in a few minutes? For a human, probably it is not viable but if the individual follows an automated process, perfect estimates can be created in a jiffy.

Internet is flooded with copious online invoicing software that allows to generate and send across estimates to the prospects, promptly. You can, in fact, quote the estimate on the spot.

Simple, intuitive and user-friendly invoicing software like Billbooks can genuinely help you in creating estimates less than 60 seconds. You don’t even have to spend additional time in creating an invoice. The same estimate can be effortlessly converted into an invoice with just one click. Just create and send it to your client in no time.

No matter which project you are embarking on, delivering prompt cost estimates to your prospects will create a good impression on them and there are great possibilities that they might turn into your customers. So don’t underestimate the power of quick estimate.

Divya Mudliar
Divya Mudliar
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