Invoicing Hacks – How to Send Invoice via Mail?

how to send invoice via mail

18% of small businesses in the UK, 13% in the US, 15% in South Africa suffer from unpaid invoices.

Not just these countries, many other small businesses around the world have to chase late payment or even struggle with unpaid invoices.

Manual invoicing process is a reason why small businesses don’t get paid promptly. It’s unfortunate, but it definitely isn’t the end of the world! You always create and send invoice the traditional way, why not switch to the digital platform?

Of course, like any other business even if you wish to speed up payments, right? Then it’s time to learn sending invoice via mail. It is one of the preferred solutions for small businesses and freelancers – Send an email requesting payment for your goods and services and get paid quickly. 

Here’s what you need to know to get started with sending invoices via mail:

What should your invoice include?

Well if you have decided to invoice your client via mail, you need to make sure it looks absolutely professional. A plain document that just includes your offered goods and services along with its price will not get you paid easily. 

You have to include a professional message that’s clear and polite stating request for payment against the work you offered. Make sure the invoice is easy to understand and clearly mention what payment method, you accept. Also, see that the subject line is strong enough so that the client opens the mail to check. 

Don’t fail to include the following details in your invoice email:

  • Your customer’s full name
  • Company name
  • Invoice or Credit number
  • Invoice due date
  • Amount to be paid
  • Payment due (if any)
  • Your company address (if needed for sending payment by cheque)
  • Contact details ( to get in touch, in case of query)

It is also good to include late fees charged so that the client understands prior how much will be charged if the due dates pass. This avoids further confusion and disputes.  

How to send invoice via mail?

Send invoice as an attachment

Now if you have decided to embrace the paperless way, create your own invoice template and email it. Include the above mentioned components and add professional feel by using your brand/company logo. Save the invoice template as PDF and reuse it each time by simply editing it like changing client name, invoice number, etc. 

Once you’ve saved the PDF, you can attach it your mail and include a polite note that makes it clear what is the mail about and that you have attached the invoice. You can send email via any email platform – Gmail, yahoo or your company mail. Simply hit send and the mail will reach your client’s inbox. You can start invoicing using Microsoft or Google invoice templates. 

Using software to send invoice via mail

Another popular way of sending an invoice to the client via mail is by using billing software. Almost everything is automated, so you don’t have to worry at all. The templates are readily available, you just have to fill in the necessary details and add your brand identity by uploading your company logo. Even the invoice numbers are auto-generated.

Not just you can effortlessly send invoice via mail, online invoicing software also helps small business in expense tracking, managing cash flow, monitor sent invoices, pending invoices. You also have an option to set recurring invoice where the invoice directly gets mailed to the client as per the date set. This saves your lot of time billing. Getting paid is much faster and easier as you can accept payments online through credit card, debit card or secured payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, Braintree etc. 

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Choose what suits your business and pocket. The most dangerous invoicing mistakes can be surely avoided by billing software. It’s perfectly alright if you prefer sending invoice template but right invoice software will completely automate your billing process and save time which you can otherwise utilise in enhancing your small business.

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