Payment Reminder Templates to Chase Unpaid Invoices

Payment reminder templates

Client not paying on time?

One of the biggest concerns of small businesses and freelancers

Chasing down the runaway clients can be stressful. Sending follow-up emails or asking for payment over the phone, until you receive the money, seems mostly awkward.

It’s an estimated statistics, 20% of invoices around the world will be paid late.

Most of the time, small businesses and freelancers grapple with late payments and unfortunately, the business runs into cash flow problems. Spending time chasing late payments rather than productivity can put your business in a great deal of stress.

We understand, it’s a bit uncomfortable but requesting for payment is ultimately a necessity. However, the request you make can be more professional and polite. Sending payment reminder is a quicker and easier way to ask for the overdue. Templates have proven incredibly effective to remind the clients about their unpaid invoices.

First, let’s learn the best practices to ask for late payments:

What should your payment reminder template include?

Basic information

Who it is from and for whom and what is regarding, make it clear.

All the pertinent details of you and your client should be part of the template. Job title, your company name, address should predominantly be part of the invoice reminder template. This will give a clear picture to the customer where the mail/letter is coming from.

Include basic information of the customer like the name, address, contact details. Make sure all the details are accurately mentioned to avoid further delay in invoicing.

Then comes the subject line. Properly worded and to the point subject line will only grab the attention of the client. If your client is a business, then possibly their inbox would be flooded with emails. To avoid ignorance, be clear about the payment reminder in the subject line itself.

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Writing language

Neither sound arrogant nor desperate for payment. Use polite and friendly language. However you need to be professional too, so directly get to the point about payment reminder in the first paragraph itself. You can attach a PDF of the bill or enter bill details for more convenience.

Now in the second paragraph make the client/customer aware about the situation and how important it is for you to receive the money. Also be clear of the consequences, if the client fails to make the payment again.

Be professional but also, in the end, apologise for any trouble caused, this will show how courteous you are.

Professional payment reminder templates:

Here are some sample payment reminder templates for your more convenience:

Payment reminder – To send one week before the payment due

Email subject: (Your company name) Regarding Invoice Number #0000


Hi (Name of your client, preferably first name),

Hope you’re well. We wanted to reach out to remind you that payment on invoice #0000, which we sent on (Date), will be due next week (Date).

You can view the invoice here (Add invoice link)

We’d appreciate it if you could take a moment from your busy schedule and look over the invoice. Let us know if you have any queries or concerns.

Thanks and regards,

(Your first name/company name)

Payment reminder – On the day when the payment is due

Email subject: Invoice #0000 is due today


Hi (Name of your client, preferably first name),

A gentle reminder about the payment of invoice #0000 (total amount), which we sent on (Date), is due today. You can make payment via (payment gateway name and details) or via cheque.

Please let us know if you have any concern, We’d be happy to help.

Thanks and regards,

(Your first name/company name)

Payment reminder – To send one week after the payment due (late payment)

Email subject: (Your company name) Invoice Number #0000 is Overdue


Hi (Name of your client, preferably first name),

Hope you’re well. We’ve noticed that we haven’t received payment of (amount) for current Invoice #0000. It is overdue by one week.

Please ignore this mail if the payment has already been sent. If not then we request you to send us a mail and let us know when to expect the payment.

In case of any concern, feel free to contact us.

Thanks and regards,

(Your first name/company name)

Payment reminder – To send for the invoice that’s due for more than 2 weeks

Email subject: Invoice #0000 is two weeks overdue


Hi (Name of your client, preferably first name),

We’ve already reminded you of the pending invoice of (amount), invoice #0000. This is another reminder as the payment is now overdue by 2 weeks.

We request you to make the payment immediately or contact us if you have any queries regarding this payment.

In case, you have lost the original invoice, check the copy of the invoice, attached with this mail.

If there is no response from you within the next 48 hours, then you might have to face the consequences.

Looking forward to your response.

Thanks and regards,

(Your first name/company name)

Thank you email for the payment made

Late or on- time payment but this is a must mail you need to send to your client

Email subject: Thank you for the Payment (Invoice #0000)


Hi (Name of your client, preferably first name),

This is to inform you that we’ve received the payment for Invoice #0000. We are really thankful.

We appreciate being able to serve you and hope to continue doing business with you.

Thanks and regards,

(Your first name/company name)

It will not always be possible for you to prevent late payment but to ensure uninterrupted cash flow, payment reminder emails turn out to be very effective.

Dispel your fear of sending invoice reminders and use invoicing software to set reminders.

Invoicing software like Billbooks allows you to set invoice reminders and keep a follow up on outstanding invoices. You can set reminders at intervals you want and also turn it on or off as per your convenience. Send out friendly reminders and solve cash flow problems.

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