Happy Weekends can now be Productive too

Weekend means sit back, relax, hang out with friends for meals or go for any short trip. This is a typical weekend schedule. However entrepreneurs or business owners unfortunately cannot take the pleasure of weekends as they need to be on duty even on Saturday and Sunday. Working all 7 days of week might eat up brains and can affect the productivity severely. Thus you need to keep your weekend plans reasonable.

Weekdays are there to take care of giant and risky tasks, keep the weekend tasks stress free and manageable. Little work and little play will lead you to productive way. Glaring at your computer screens 24 hours is a bad-bad idea. Don’t cram your weekend with loads of work. You need to distribute the 48 hours efficiently, so that you enjoy as well as at the same time make it fully useful. Monday mornings are already dreary, on top of that if you goof up with your weekend tasks, the start of week might become more stressful and mind-numbing.

Here are some helpful suggestions to make your weekend fun-filled yet productive:

Don’t be a sleeping beauty:

Yes, we know its weekend, time to relax. Resting is good but too much of relaxation will lead to laziness. No matter if you are night owl or early bird, if your sleep pattern gets affected your routine might get disturbed. Too much of extra sleep will make you feel heavy-eyed whole day. Additional two to three hours of sleep is fine but more than that will create a negative effect and make your weekend totally unfruitful.

Don’t work whole day, whole night:

Human brain needs rest after heavy work load, probably this is why the concept of weekend must have got introduced. Weekend is generally time for resting, so let’s not make it stressful and tiring. Don’t invite unnecessary tasks or hateful work. Dedicate time to something that you enjoy working. Planning can be a best task to do on weekends. Plan about your day to day activities, what is your coming week, month or long term goals and how to achieve it. Don’t waste your time in checking mails or performing needless duties.

Don’t forget to revive yourself:

Making your weekend productive doesn’t mean just to work all the time. Rejuvenating yourself is also crucial for productivity. You need to remove some time, where you can relax and unwind yourself. It could be massage, chilling out with friends, get together with family, watching your favorite movie or anything that soothes you. Make sure whatever you do make you feel happy and stay fresh then only you can concentrate wholeheartedly on your weekend tasks.

Engage in some hobby not household chores:

Hobby is something which we love to do and household work is something which we are forced to do. So what would you choose to do on weekend? If you want to make your weekend productive, it is sensible to engage yourself in some hobby. You might love reading, gardening, cooking, give some time to your hobby so that when you get back to work, feel fresh and energetic. For household duties you can outsource someone or if this is not feasible, you can set a timer and try to finish off the chore on time without wasting whole day.

Fresh weekend mornings:

Never saw weekend mornings due to late asleep? This is very bad for productivity. Weekend mornings can actually be exciting and fresh, if you plan out well. Morning yoga, jogging or walking in early sun rays and clean air or even dancing can turn out be really productive for your whole day. You will feel fresh and active and certainly this will have positive impact on your work. Try this trick, it really works out.

Don’t let the laziness or even work hijack your weekend. Allocate time for both leisure as well as work. Then only you can have happy weekends. And of course when there is no work load, you can completely enjoy your weekend.

Divya Mudliar
Divya Mudliar
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