An Easy Guide to Know How to Estimate Power Washing Job

Easy Guide to Know How to Estimate Power Washing Job

Power washing – A job that breathes new life to home or commercial exteriors.

A good professional company should always be able to explain the estimate that lays out the purpose behind each individual charge without hiding the costs behind unclear terms.

Want to learn how to quote pressure washing job?

Power washing is a lucrative business, always making a healthy profit but at the same time, it is competitive too as there are myriads of contractors offering similar services. So you need to keep an eye on the pricing figures. Wow, your potential customers with a clear and detailed estimate.

How to quote pressure washing jobs?

Pricing is not an easy task. Pressure washing prices predominantly depends on the competition and demand for the service. Each job is priced variably. Whether your job is to clean parking lots, driveways or structures, costing will vary for each project and client. Beyond that, it will also depend upon the duration of the task, how long it takes to complete the assigned job. You need to quote a pressure washing job in such a way that the customers feel they are getting the larger-than-life benefits without breaking their bank.

Quote pressure washing jobs

So to grab this small-business opportunity and earn good profits, you have to work out on the estimates. Here is a simple guide that will help you determine an accurate estimate for the pressure washing job.

Consider the space measurement

The best way to start estimating is by measuring the space. It can be done in two ways, either square footage or linear footage.

Square footage

If the property is going to be measured on the basis of square footage then it should include roofs, fences, decks, sidewalks, driveways, commercial cleaning, garage floors and parking lots.

How to measure square footage?

To get the approximate square footage – Multiply the length by the breadth of that particular area and then multiply the number derived by 1.35.

Linear footage

Linear footage is generally for measuring boats and houses.

How to measure the linear footage?

Only the length of the structure is measured. Width or thickness is not taken into consideration.

Linear footage is charged a higher rate than square footage.

Pricing strategies

There are myriads of ways to charge for the pressure washing job. Typically the pricing strategies are determined as per square foot, linear foot, per hour or a flat rate. You can opt for the one that best suits your individual job type.

Pricing per square foot – This is the most common technique of pricing. It is possible to bid on different shapes and sizes of structures and more.

Pricing per hour – For every time, for every hour you have worked, make sure you get paid for it, with this pricing strategy.

Flat rate pricing – If you have enough experience and know about how much time and effort you’ll require for a particular job and also understand how factors such as rough surface can have an impact on the price, then you can go for a flat rate.

You can anytime earn more with flat-rate pricing, however, you need to be an experienced professional to get it right.

You can also estimate your power washing job based on the pricing strategy related to the service or project. Whether it is home, garage, parking lot, mobile home, standard rates as per the national average will help you to quote pressure washing job.

Estimate based on material

The pressure washing cost can also be determined on the basis of the material that needs to be washed. The material could be concrete or asphalt, vinyl, brick or stone, wood, stucco, metal etc.

Purpose of pressure washing

Another factor that can influence the estimate of the power washing job is the purpose. It can be categorized into general cleaning, removing grime, removing oil or grease, removing mold or moss or preparing for painting or staining.

Other factors to be considered to estimate the power washing job
  • Pressure washing estimate also depends on the type of property residential, commercial or office space.
  • Even if it seems minute, pricing will also vary depending on whether you use hot water or cold water for cleaning.
  • The price depends on the type of chemical that has to be used on the size of the surface.

How to charge for pressure washing jobs

The pressure washing job usually cost between $180 to $380 depending on most of the above factors. However, for your convenience, we’ve just given you a rough estimate of pressure washing charges as per square foot, per hour or by a flat rate.

Approximate cost of pressure washing job as per square foot

The figure depends upon the average rate in the particular region where the service is provided. The price usually ranges from $0.08 and $0.35 per sq. ft. In case, there are some issues like stains, mold or dirt, the cost may increase and range from $0.40 to $0.80 per sq. ft.

Approximate cost of pressure washing job as per hour

The pressure washing charges are typically between $60 to $100 per hour. It’s no brainer, larger the area, more hours will be taken to complete the job. For example, if a home is of 1200 sq ft then it may take around 6 to 7 hours for power washing, so approximately the charges would be between $360 to $600.

The sidewalk or driveway would take approximately an hour for pressure washing, so the cost would be around $60 to $100. Roof pressure washing might take 2 to 3 hours, hence the total cost would be an approximate $120 to $300 while patio, deck, porch would take about 2 hours which makes the estimate cost $60 to $200.

Pressure washing with cold water might cost you around $45 to $50 and with hot water, it should cost $55 to $60.

*NOTE – The estimated charges are according to various resources.

Pressure washing estimate template

Professionally present your services and cost to your customers with Billbooks customized templates. Generate, deliver and track your pressure washing estimate template in minutes. Quickly build quotes, organize services, products, discounts, taxes in a flawless and readable format. And with just one click you can convert the estimate into an invoice.

You customers will compare your estimate with your competitors, so it is essential to learn the pricing and get this part right.

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