How to Hire During Business Expansion?


During startups, most of the budding entrepreneurs unmindfully hire employees just with an intention to pack the work place. Without proper background check, qualification and testing skills, companies randomly pick up employees and later suffer with hiring disaster. Initially you might be naive to the hiring process but as your company start growing it becomes really vital to employ right people and right amount of workforce, especially for small businesses since their company success majorly depends upon the employees.

Though with some experience, entrepreneurs do recognize the significance of employing well qualified candidates but some of them again fail to understand that just focusing on qualification is not enough. Apart from gaining information about the applicants, you should also give information about your company to the interviewees. Then only you can understand how compatible they are with each other.

You need to follow certain principles to choose the best applicant that suits the job position:

Pre-screening of the candidates:

  • Before taking an interview, it is better to first clearly inform all the applicants about your company, job position, qualification requirement, location, facilities offered and other such information so that applicants who feel are not fit for the position can take an exit
  • During pre-screening, you can go through the resumes of candidates and straight away reject resumes of the under-qualified or over-qualified candidates. This will simplify your hiring process as you can only concentrate and interview those clients who fit for the position

Avoid hiring purely on reference basis:

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Appointing friends or relatives purely on reference basis and paying less heed to qualification can be your biggest mistake. There is no harm in hiring the applicant if he/she suits the job position.

You need to equally treat all the applicants who come down for interview and give equal opportunity. If you hire any employee just because he/she is your friend or relative will result is hiring disaster.

Guidelines to follow during the interview process:

Both the applicant as well as the interviewer become tensed during the interview session, thus you need to follow guidelines to keep the interview process smooth:

  • Firstly make sure that the interview last for around one to one and half hour and give the applicants chance to talk, don’t just go on asking questions
  • Don’t be too harsh ,be friendly and polite, so that the applicants can open up and let you know about their skills and where they lack
  • Refer to the resume and avoid asking anything which is already present in the resume
  • Respond to the applicants on their answers, you should not be arrogant or inattentive. React at least by facial gestures or by nodding head this will help the applicants to talk more assertively and openly
  • Don’t avoid asking the typical interview questions like tell me about yourself, why this company etc. This will make the interview process smooth, helpful as well as informative
  • Now while the interview is going on you cannot judge about the applicant and his skills, but you can still look for the important leadership traits like punctuality, problem-solving, flexibility and promptness
  • Don’t get instantly impressed by talks of the applicant. Sometimes the clients can be smart in talks but may be lacking in skills thus you need to give some time to yourself and think whether it is worth hiring or not
  • Avoid hiring candidates on the spot during the business expansion period, since you can

Not only giving interview is a difficult task but even conducting interview can be a nervous moment, thus you need to keep cool and perform the hiring process smoothly. Remember, picking the right candidate for the organization will benefit both the hired party and the hiring party and ensure smooth work flow in the company.

Hiring might be a lengthy and painstaking practice but you have to follow the step by step approach to employ right candidate. Even if you have urgent openings and want to fill a particular job position quickly, you have to gradually and meticulously follow the process, so that you don’t end up hiring a misfit candidate during the crucial timing of your business expansion.

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