Is it Possible to Run Business without You?


Have you ever wished that your business mints money when you are away from your company enjoying vacation or all your business tasks run smoothly when you are indulged in deep sleep?

Like every entrepreneur, you must have just craved for this but unfortunately your dream never seemed to turn into reality. In fact, imagining how your company would run without you must have given you the feeling of nightmare.  However, if not vacation there might be some unforeseen problems or emergencies due to helplessness, you might have to stay away from your workplace… how to deal with such situations?  Whether you are on leave for relaxation or due to some problem, you have to be prepared to run your company efficiently even in your absence. It is a difficult process but not impossible. With little trial and error you can certainly manage to make your business not only operate but make money when you are away.

Even in your absence, your presence should be felt in your company, this is how you have to manage your company, Remember you are not just owning an organization, like a parent you need to take care of your business and make it stronger as it grows.  Even when you are away, your staff should be competent enough to manage all the company tasks and responsibilities powerfully by themselves.

Do you want to learn the techniques to run your business smoothly even when you are not around? Let’s check out how?

Leave the employees to work on their own:

Like a typical boss, don’t poke your nose or continuously impose your opinions in your employees work. Let them work independently then only you will come to know the capability and inabilities of your employees.

  • Instead of figuring out themselves, you make them realize about their strengths and weaknesses and help them to improve their flaw, so that they can work efficiently even when you are not monitoring them
  • You need to trust your employees completely and make them believe that hiring them was a correct decision

Delegate your tasks: 

As a leader you need to delegate the roles and responsibilities wisely. If you think that your subordinate can perform your duties more efficiently than you, don’t feel reluctant to delegate your duties to them.

  • Instead of flaunting your superiority, be practical and allocate your responsibilities.

This way you can not only except good results but also can be fearless to see how your company will run in your absence

Go for a small vacation:

Why not give it a try and see how your company works when you are not in town? You will not really come to know how the situation is until you face it.

  • You can plan for a short vacation of a week or two and when you come back analyze what issues took place and how it can be resolved so that next time when you go on a long leave, you can happily go without worrying about the later consequence.

At least you can be sure enough about that no major issues would take place.

Trial and error strategy:

As mentioned above the better way to know about the situation is to face the situation.

  • If there are some crisis taking place let your employees handle the situation on their own rather than you helping them
  • Failure might take place but at least you can build confidence in your employees to find solutions on their own
  • If employees come up with better outcome, it will be beneficial for your company
  • Even if failure takes place, you will get an opportunity to correct the mistake and not repeat it again

Even machines breakdown or require some rest or maintenance to work again with full force. After all you are a human, so break is a must for relaxation. By following these techniques you can ensure that you thoroughly enjoy your holidays without worrying about what is going on in your company in your absence. However, post vacation or after long break from work, you can start working with fresh mind and expect better productivity.

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