Learn the Recipe for Productivity from Professional Chefs


Do you think that an expert chef possess only cooking skills? If yes, then you are absolutely wrong.

Nevertheless cooking lip-smacking food is the prime know-how of professional chefs, but they possess handful of other skills that can actually be learnt by entrepreneurs to improve productivity. Even if their workspace is kitchen, their proficiency is worth learning by people from all walks of life. Right from innovation to time management, customer satisfaction to marketing, these creative professionals possess all the leadership qualities that are essential for enhancing efficiency at place of work.

Doing kitchen job is no piece of cake; it is in fact, painstaking and requires complete dedication. Attracting customers, making them happy, promoting brand, aim for higher returns and strive to offer better services than the competitors is the ultimate goal of all chefs and so is of any other businesses.

You can learn few tricks from these creative professionals and cook a great recipe for great productivity:

Be an expert in basic skills:

Chef rules: Simply if you know to chop vegetables, doesn’t mean that you can be a chef. Even if you already know the culinary stuff, you cannot work up to the mark till you earn mastery in it. If you must have keenly seen, there is a hell lot of difference between onion cut in home kitchen and professional kitchen. The professional approach is far more accurate and quick.

What to learn? Similarly, just knowing organizational skills like accounting, inventory management, marketing is not enough you need to earn finesse in it. You have to make your basics strong then only you can expect better efficiency. Practice till you perfectly manage all the necessary skills.

Be innovative, be creative:

Chef rules: Some chefs are famous for their unique dish, this is because they always experiment and try to come up with something new. They endeavor to prepare innovative recipes, new garnishing or presentation styles to attract the customers. This reflects their creative and innovative skills. Enthusiastic chefs always find some new ways to prepare meals that satisfies customer’s eyes as well as tummy.

What to learn? To bring your work into notice and to be popular, you have to be innovative whether it is kitchen or office space. If you master the basic skills then you can certainly try out something to make an impression on customers. Similarly, to come under limelight, you should follow ground-breaking approach. Your innovation will succeed only if you are well-versed with basics.

Train your subordinates:

Chef rules: Instead of helping you in work, your assistants or staff will doubly increase your work, if they are not trained well. Any professional chef will not take risk of working with untrained staff as they can lose their reputation if the dish does not come out well. Even minute mistake like cutting potatoes for French fries/finger chips in uneven shape can ruin the chef’s name. Hence these creative professionals always train their staff well and test them before bringing them to restaurant kitchen.

What to learn? The same rule applies for employees. Entrepreneurs have to train their staff well before commencing any project.

Organize your place of work:

Chef rules: What if all the ingredients are scattered and the cutlery or cooking equipments are not available on time? Of course you will be distracted, waste time, the recipe will be spoilt and eventually result in failure. It is vital to keep all the ingredients and kitchen tools in place so that you do not screw up in the last moment. This will help to improve productivity. Only organizing is not important, cleaning the place after the work has been done and putting things back in place is much more important or else next time you will find it difficult to trace the necessary items.

What to learn? Organize your office workspace effectively so that you do not have to search for the files, information or important documents when you need it. Keep the space clean to avoid distractions and enhance your focus in work.

By improving your basic skills, following innovative approach, training staff and organizing your work well, you can promote your brand powerfully. Once your brand is acknowledged, you can perk up your productivity and execution which in turn will strengthen your brand identity.

So what are you waiting for, start cooking the best recipe for productivity.

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