Name to Earn Acclaim for your Startup Business

What’s not in the name? In this vying business world everything starts with your identity. Whether it is your company website or trademark, your business will be predominantly recognized by its name. Confused how to choose a suitable name for your business?

Don’t worry, here are some strategies to choose name that would earn acclaim for your startup.

When you embark upon a new venture, you primarily look for a name that suits your brand. To sum up your business in a single word or statement, can be a nerve-racking task however when you baptize your business, ensure that it creates a lasting first impression or at least gets easily noticeable. During the initial period, people might not know the score of your quality products and services thus name will be the chief element to catch attention of the audience. Names are quite vital; it creates brand identity for your business.

To make your naming mission, painless here are some effective strategies which you can follow:

Avoid names which have alternative spellings:

Name would be the first thing that will be noticed and searched by your potential customers. Since your company is new on the block, people would like to search about it and get information on web. Thus confusing spellings might cause hindrance or they might land to some other web address.

According to the experts, avoid using names that can have alternative spellings. For example, if your company name is Face, the interested client might get confused and type similar sounding words like Phase or Faze.

Create a name that tells story:

It is not possible to encapsulate your company story in one word or phrase but if you manage to do you can create great tittle-tattle among the audience and bring your brand under notice.

To make your company name attention-grabbing as well as story-telling, you can name it after some famous novel characters that appropriately convey what your business does. This will make your company name etched in audience mind and also help in branding.

Add your personal touch:
Name derived from your personal story, remains close to your heart and also becomes catchy among the audience.

You can create a unique name by cutting and combining your family member names. This will be distinctive as well as captivating. Customers find easy to remember such names and also like to know more trivia about the name.

Don’t be too practical:
Some companies have a habit to be straight forward and name it simply as what they do. For example, ABC Accounting or Bills and Invoicing Limited, this looks to plain and boring.

Adding some creative term will add more essence to your service and products. You can keep it simple but not just basic. It is your startup, so try out some catchy or beguiling terms.

Make sure you love yourself:

Thinking of a perfect name can prove to be a maddening task. You can consider or think upon on every possible name. Right from dictionaries to websites, geographical maps to discussing with family, you will try hard to come up with a best name.

Rather than searching here and there, think of a name which is close to you, it can even be the street name where you stay. You should fall in love with what you create. If you yourself don’t love then you can’t expect from the audience too.

Trust your instinct:

You might think of thousands of names but there will be one moment where you will be touched or instantly fall in love with a name. There will be a light-bulb moment when you hear or ponder upon a name and feel that this is what you were looking for. Immediately grab that name and make it your brand identity.

Naming is challenging task and that too out of myriads of exceptional brand names, coming up with a name that stands apart is almost an uphill battle. Thus follow the above guidelines and dedicate ample of time to the naming process and make sure you crop up with an outstanding name for your company.

Divya Mudliar
Divya Mudliar
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