Reveal your Small Business Story to Gain Interest of Loyal Audience

People cannot hear you, until and unless you speak to them, more than speaking logically, if you tell engaging stories, people tend to pay more attention.

An emotional narration of your company mission is fundamental to attract the customers. Every company has some mind-boggling story about its inception which can be used as a powerful tool to draw attention, build trust and engage loyal customers. Your company story defines who you are, what you do and how can you help your clients.

Storytelling is generally a missing ingredient in small businesses. In fact, small companies cannot compromise with this factor since it is valuable for fostering their business. But how can you convey the story? Well, when you have the online platform available then why to worry? Not only local audience, prospects all over the world will come to know about your company story via your company website.

Here are some awesome ways to tell your company story:

Fascinating About Page:

As the name suggests, about us page is a webpage that talks about the company. The company was established on so and so date, we offer so and so products and services, such plain text will never catch the attention of audience.

So, how to make it worth reading?

  • You have to make your about us page attention-grabbing by adding more drama and punch to the company story
  • Tell them how the idea clicked your mind, how did you start and how your company has evolved now
  • You can make it more impactful by putting the picture of your company when you started and how it looks now or present infography that indicates various phases of your business.
Gripping blog:

Blog has become an integral part of company websites.

  • Articles on blogs reflect the personality of your brand and connect the audience
  • Blogs help the audience to know about the industry, latest trends, new launches by your company and also helps them to gain more knowledge about your line of business
  • It is the best way to keep audience glued to your site and it also keeps them eager to know what is new on the block
Focus on your strong team:

The more you reveal about your business, the more you can win trust of your customers.

  • Let the potential customers know the real people behind your brand and how they have united and worked together to build your brand
  • This way the customers will come to know about your team effort and how reliable your company is
  • You can also incorporate short biography about your team members that will disclose their personality, performance and skills
Integrate a short business video:

Content and images are mostly present on all websites but you can go one step ahead and integrate video to draw the audience.

  • You can shot a short video that focuses on what your business is all about, what you offer, how your business has evolved in a unique way and allure the audience
  • Apart from this you can also put on videos on company events and project/service demos, this will engage the audience in an effective way
Valuable testimonial:

If you think, you have done enough of talking then let your loyal customers speak now.

  • More than you speaking about your brand, products or services, if the prospects come to know about your company from the happy and satisfied customers, it will be more effective
  • Public review and opinion play a major role in amplifying sales in your business
  • Most of the people trust on what your earlier customers have to say and take action according to that. Thus testimonials are great way to expand your future sales and get your business story spread by most trusted people

Facts and business information remains in mind for time-being but captivating business story gets engraved in heart for eternity. So splash the true story about your small business and see how your business succeeds and gradually becomes the best-seller.

Divya Mudliar
Divya Mudliar
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