Toxic Employees – Either Tolerate or Straightaway Terminate

Toxic-Employees-–-Either-Tolerate-or-Straightaway-Terminate (3)

There are employees who either have problems with others or cause problems for others, both types of employees may ruthlessly hurt your business.

The nonconformists and Drama Queens / Kings are just intolerable and definitely are the destructive workers. Since they are the black sheep of your organization, it’s better to terminate such toxics. However, there are few poisonous employees who can have negative as well as a bit of positive influence on your business. However, with the desire of getting little help, you can’t risk your business. If you think that these poisons are totally incurable then certainly you can hand over the pink slip to them as this is the only remedy to stop these toxins from affecting your business health. Every organization comprise of toxic employees who may secretly drain the productivity, you have to spot them out and check if they are helpful or completely useless.

Here are few types of employees who are simply getting paid for doing nothing but spreading negativity:

1. Chameleon – Changing color types:

As the chameleon keeps on changing its color to get unnoticed, these employees keep changing their roles to get rid of the work.

How to recognize them?

  • Such employees always are ready with an excuse for not doing their job by complaining about the heavy work load
  • Despite of unfruitful labor, at the time of salary reviews they demand credit for helping other employees
  • They just do small piece of easy work of each department and behave as if they have done hard slog

How to deal with them?

  • There is an effective way to deal with the office chameleons, since they enjoy changing colors, assign them a complete project with determined deadlines
  • Let them perform all the responsibilities and suddenly ask for status update, so that they don’t get time to give so-called assistance to other work staff

2. Decorative pieces – Just for attraction:

There are some employees who do not possess any skill but still are part of the organization. Do you know why? It’s merely because of their good looks. Every organization has a beauty without brains or a handsome hunk with zero knowledge, who are just the charming factors.

How to deal with them?

  • Though they are not much capable, their looks can be used tactfully as an asset for your company.
  • These model-type of employees can be taken to trade shows or meetings where good looks can be effective technique to influence the clients

3. Dracula – The blood suckers:

Dracula is a vampire who sucks the blood while the office Dracula has the tendency to suck the emotions of other employees. However, this vampire can be helpful for your company.


  • They help the employees to know what disaster can take place, beforehand
  • They can also act as vamp, mingle with the co-workers and cleverly make them argue against each other
  • They smartly spread the negativity and make the employees feel that they are responsible for the pessimistic situation. Such employees can be wisely bought into action when you have to deal with cunning associates
  • They may suck their energy and leave them powerless; however the opposite party cannot even notice that.

It is difficult to fire the Dracula as they are a popular figure with their disguised behavior.

Though the first two types of toxics can be identified but vampires are tricky to discover. Nevertheless, if you feel that these employees are completely lousy and may wreck your productivity, then the only effective choice left with you is to present them the termination notice.

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