Motivational Tools Demanded by Determined Employees


There was a time when monetary rewards acted as major motivators for consistent performing employees but now the scenario has changed. How? Let’s see….

Today’s most satisfied employees are more passionate towards their work and adore if motivation or appreciation comes in form of learning or non-monetary rewards. These days, employees are looking for more opportunities to enhance their skills and refine their work. Intrinsic motivators like training, freedom, career development opportunities, improved communication with manager, can work wonders. More than money, employees, desire for name fame, they want themselves as well as their work to get recognized and valued.  As a leader or an entrepreneur, you have to understand the changed frame of mind of employees and begin to invest in their development process.

 So here are some effective practices to make your employees more satisfied and passionate about their work:

Pay prime focus on non-monetary factors:

Monetary rewards will satisfy the employees just for time-being but non-monetary rewards will gratify the employees as well as benefit them in long run.

  • Simply respecting the employees and their work would help them to work further in high spirits
  • Healthy relationship with your employees will encourage them to work better
  • Initiate conversation and try to maintain friendly relation with them. Motivate the hard-working employees by giving their example to others
  • Get along with your workforce and perform certain tasks together, this will satisfy them and encourage them to work much better

Maintaining professionalism is vital but knowing your employees at personal level is also equally important.

Improve their best skills:

Every employee has some exceptional strength and they wish this quality of them gets appreciated.

  • Your employee might be best at something, thus as a good leader, you have to find ways to polish your employees’ best skills
  • Provide your staff, valuable tools and training to enhance their best skills

This will not only motivate your employees but will result in successful accomplishment of your company goals too.

Know about their goals and preferences:

Apart from knowing their own task and preference, an enthusiastic employee would also know about their co-workers role and goal.

  • Effective teamwork will help the team members to know about each other but even the leaders should know about their goals and respect them
  • Healthy relationship between manager and employee is one of the greatest motivational factors
  • If you know about your employees’ goals and preferences, you can assist them to perform better, in case of big projects
  • Open communication helps everybody to work in line and accomplish goal successfully

Let them learn by fluke:

Encourage serendipity learning as much as possible. Employees can learn a lot of things through informal learning process.

  • Learning from watching others or working with them is a good way to improve skills. Hence you can motivate this kind of learning by offering flexible work schedule
  • Give employees free time to gain some talent from others that will benefit them as well as your business
  • You can also arrange a dedicated time slot where the employees can go through some video tutorials, read books or arrange special lecture by experts to boost the skills

Flexibility make employees feel more satisfied.

And of course, apart from these ways, simple appreciation sentences like “You did a great job”, “Keep up the good work”, “Thank you” etc. are the best motivators which never fails to encourage the employees.  Follow these motivational techniques and see how amazingly it will work in yours and your company’s favor. You can definitely be assured with positive outcome.

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