What is the difference in free invoicing app and Billbooks?

Free is the new classy rule for the businesses to bring their products under limelight. But, is free always better?

A system that helps you to get your money by spending no money!  AHEM! Is it true? Yes, it is, you can now invoice your clients online and that too for free. Well for some this doesn’t sound so striking or unique, since there are multitudes of free invoicing apps available on web from long time and they might be already acquainted with it.

Then what is so interesting to read in this article?

Now we don’t want to sound like donkey praising its own tail…  However by the end of the article you will yourself get convinced why Billbooks is different and also better than other free invoicing apps.

Today for the convenience of small businesses and freelancers, numerous free invoicing softwares are introduced which allows to create professionals and good-looking invoices, effortlessly. Though most of the apps are available for free, the services which they provide might not be as enjoyable as you felt after hearing the word ‘FREE’. Among oodles of free invoicing apps available, Billbooks strongly outshines with its alluring features. Billbooks is valuable yet lighter on pockets. It is valuable because of its amazing customer-friendly services.

Let’s see what makes Billbooks different from free invoicing apps:

Elite pricing policy:

One of the highlighting and unique features of Billbooks is its elite pricing strategy.

  • First three invoices, absolutely FREE!!! Yes, you heard it right. The first three invoices are complimentary from Billbooks
  • Billbooks offers customers a very pocket-friendly and awesome pricing strategy, ‘Pay per invoice’
  • You can pay as you go and buy credits whenever you require
  • You don’t need to pay monthly rentals
  • Create unlimited estimates for free

Wow, doesn’t this look really rewarding?

Smart keyboard shortcuts:

Opting for perfect invoicing software makes a lot of difference to your savings as well as productivity. In the previous point we saw how the pricing strategy can have huge impact on your savings, now let’s see how it will affect your productivity.

  • Billbooks offers remarkable keyboard shortcut feature which probably no other invoicing software has still offered
  • The keyboard shortcuts can save much time and effort of the businesses and can be quite helpful for users who are not so polished with computers
  • Billbooks presents you awesome shortcuts like you have to just press I to invoice, E- estimate, C-Client, E – Expense

This is certainly USP of Billbooks.

Multilingual advantage:

Since online softwares are accessible to people all over the world, multilingual tool is really an advantageous feature.

  • To make the user-interaction more convenient, apart from English, Billbooks is available in various foreign languages like German, French, Spanish and Dutch

Though it may not be an exclusive feature, it is certainly beneficial.

More user friendly features:

  • Error free calculations
  • Customize bill as per your taste and preference
  • Accept online payment with trusted payment modes
  • Auto-generated reminders sent to the clients
  • Save and send invoices in form of PDFs, HTML etc.
  • Easily prepares profit and loss statement for businesses

And the list goes on and on and on….

This product has really helped small businesses and freelancers to get rid of invoicing shocks and also ensures smooth cashflow. Billbooks delivers the best services and endeavors to offer more valuable and handy services to the businesses. Till now, it might be evident to you that what is actually the difference between Billbooks and free invoicing apps.

Divya Mudliar
Divya Mudliar
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