The Biggest Productivity Killers – Get Rid of them

The-Biggest-Productivity-Killers-–-Get-Rid-of-them (2)

How much a distraction can distract you? Entertainment of one person can be distraction for another, especially in workplace.  You will always find some kind of disturbance at your place of work. Every office has some peculiar set of employees who create disorder and hamper the productivity at workplace.  The noisy culprits not only kill their own productivity but also affect the efficiency of the other co-workers. While the silent technology addict culprit become themselves victims and harm the productivity of the company.  Some might be unintentionally hampering the company productivity; however it is essential to make them realize their mistake. If you want to save your company from loss then it is really crucial to identify these productivity killers and improve the efficiency of the organization.

Now the question arises, how can you catch such killers, red-handed? Don’t worry, we have listed some common workplace distractions and have also offered you the solution, how to get rid of these distractions:

Mobile addicts:

We live in an age where after food, clothing and shelter, mobile has become a basic necessity of every human being but this indispensable factor is also the biggest disturbance in workplace. There is no problem if these smart phones are used smartly but the unnecessary usage of this device is what hampers the productivity.  Employees particularly belonging to age group of 20 to 40 have a habit to continuously check their mobile phones every now and then. Even if the mobile doesn’t ring, people waste their time checking it. Chat applications are also the biggest time wasters. Mobile phones not only ruin particular individual’s performance but even the company’s productivity will get affected.

How to tackle with them?

  • ‘No-phone’ policy is the only way to tackle with this situation. Most of the companies have adapted this policy as they have understood the negative impact of mobile phones at workplace.
  • It is not necessary to completely ban the use of mobile phones, you can just keep them away during meetings, brainstorming sessions, presentation or during some essential company line ups. This practice will automatically help the employees to quit their mobile addiction and concentrate much on their work.

Internet addicts:

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Technology is a biggest boon as well as bane for any company. Employees instead of using internet efficiently, are misusing it. Searching something useful on net is good, otherwise Google can be a biggest productivity killer for any company.  You can see employees glued to computer but they are not engrossed in work, they are just wasting their valuable time in surfing.


  • Companies should lock unnecessary websites so that they don’t get engaged with useless surfing
  • Mainly access to social networking sites should be blocked
  • They should also encourage the employees to use extensions that helps to block the time-wasting websites and helps to focus more on work

Chatter box:

Not only home neighbors are distraction and noisy even neighbors in your office can be talkative and disturbing.  Employees working in open work space often face this problem. Criticizing and gossiping about your coworkers is the most common tendency of the employees.


Now you are not a teacher or class monitor to punish the employees for talking but you have to bring control over the gossip going on.

  • Some people cannot live without talking, for such employees you can organize some conversation sessions where you can encourage them to talk on healthy or motivational topics during their free time. This will let them to release as well as keep them away from negative talks
  • If you still find your neighbors are noisy, you can politely request them to lower down their volume

You need to battle with these distractions then only your workplace will be stress-free and you can stay productive.

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