Ward Off the Common Mistakes in Sales Pitch


Salespeople are just amazing convincers, when it comes to sales call/ presentation, talking acts as their primary weapon which facilitates them to get favorable outcome. Sales presentation is not just about smart talking, it is your golden chance to express about your products and services. Hence you would endeavor it to be in your full control and eliminate the risks. Just as having an insight about what to do to make the presentation successful, you should also discover the actions that can shatter your sales presentation.

The pitfalls to be avoided may not be new to you but definitely out of your mind. Your sales pitch may look great but due to some mediocre reasons you might kill the opportunity to get customer. The moment your potential customer loses interest, they will look for emergency exit and you will find it hard to get back their attention. So, steer clear of the common blunders in your sales presentation and amplify your chances to win over your clients.

Never ever be late:

Right from school days, you have been taught that punctuality is significant then why do you pay no heed to it, during the important phase of your life? Time is money in business therefore being late indicates lack of professionalism. If you are late for your sales meeting then it will look as if you don’t value your client’s time or are quite scornful. Thus plan well, leave early for the meeting and still if the situation is out of control then have the etiquette to inform and apologize to your clients.  Make a call and let them know that you will be late. This will show that you respect them and are really are interested to carry out the business.

Dress well:

Your dress speaks about your personality. Salespeople often get confused about how to dress for the sales meeting, whether dress smartly to boast your success or under dress to express that you are in need. Well, your dressing chiefly depends upon the situation and the company with whom are you dealing.  If you are dealing with a big-shot and if you dress simple then you can create an impression that you don’t match their level and eventually the deal may go from your hand. Thus, dress according to the people whom you are going to meet.

Don’t just keep on talking, talking and talking:

It is quite obvious as a salesperson, talking is your main tool but too much of it may spoil your sales call.  Too much of chatting will signify that you are trying hard to convince the client which is a negative trait. Don’t let the conversation be one way, let the client speak. As smart talking is vital, even smart listening is equally important. Good listeners are always appreciated by clients. When the client asks you questions, make a point that you answer them wisely and make a positive impression.

Don’t badmouth about other suppliers:

The worst thing you can do with your sales presentation is badmouth about other suppliers. Your temptation to criticize will portray as if you are incapable and are afraid of the competition. Clients often dislike this kind of approach and ultimately they refuse to deal with such sellers.

Overconfidence is a big NO:

Even if your sales pitch is polished and powerful, there is no need to be overconfident about it. Don’t ever take your clients for granted as they have an array of other suppliers to choose from. Overconfident salespeople will never be entertained by the clients. So be positive about your work rather than being swaggering.

Your dynamic sales pitch, will only come into focus when you eliminate the above common mistakes. So ward off these factors and be a star in the sales world.

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