Freelancers’ Top 7 Wishes Will Get Fulfilled this Christmas!!!

This Christmas we have decided to perform the role of Santa Claus and strive to fulfill some of the most desired wishes of freelancers. Want to know what is their precious gift on Christ’s birthday? Their gift is revealed in this article. Read to know it.

It is that time of the year where all the kids will be busy preparing their wishlist and dreaming about getting them fulfilled on Christmas morning. Do you think only children expect gifts? Gifts are something which everybody wishes to receive.

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the work mode has shifted to a more feasible and accessible state which has simply developed the freelancing sector. As per the data collected, 58% of non-freelancers are considering this as a profession in the future. Surprisingly, 59 million Americans are freelancing which is nearly 36% of the workforce, thereby boosting the annual economic growth.

As per reports, freelancers generally work six days a week for 10 hours daily. Hence, they are so busy all year round, struggling alone and slogging hard to finish their projects within deadlines. So we felt, somewhere they would also be having secret wishes that they desired to get fulfilled on Christmas when Santa Claus would slip down their chimney.

We have prepared a wish list, which we think would relate to the majority of the self-employed people and of course, eventually, their wishes are also going to be granted. Let’s check out:

Wish 1  – “Oh Santa! Please grant me with unlimited clients and projects”

Grant me with unlimited clients and projects
Wish, I am blessed with innumerous clients this festive season!

More clients + more projects = More money, this is what every freelancer would dream of.

Talking about more projects and clients reminds of an interesting fact about this freelancing sector. As per the study, freelancing alone has contributed $1.2 trillion to the US economy in 2020. Web designers, SEO specialists, and sales representatives are among the most in-demand jobs in the freelancing sector in 2021.

One of the most common worries of any freelancer is scarcity of clients and projects. Clients are the main or perhaps the only source of income for any business. Freelancers also wish for excellent projects that will make them financially secured.

Wish 2  – “I wish I had more time”

I wish I had more time
Wish, I never had a shortage of time!

Even 24 hours is not enough for the busy-as-a-beaver, freelancers. Managing all the responsibilities single-handedly and completing projects within deadline makes life stressful for freelancers. Due to tight work schedules, sadly, freelancers don’t even get time to spend with their families. Despite working in flexible timing, they juggle between personal and professional life.

Wish 3  – “I want hottest gadgets/software to streamline my work”

Oh, Santa! Please fill in my socks with all possible latest software like Billbooks.

They decline to have manpower but crave automated power. Most freelancers desire to have the latest gadgets as it will keep them updated and simplify their tasks. They also wish for softwares that would do most of their time-consuming manual work. Invoicing is one core task with which most freelancers struggle.

Wish 4- “Please save me from rejections.”

Save me from rejections
Oh Santa, save me! Tired of this freaking ‘NO’!

The trend of failure is common, exhausting, and frustrating. Though it is a whistleblower for success, it is pretty heartbreaking after all the effort you put in. Every big ‘no’ comes with valuable experience that helps in analyzing the lags in their expertise. But worry not! This Christmas will bring out new possibilities and positive results for a fresh start.

Wish 5- “God please save from hefty tax loads”

save from hefty tax loads
Wish, I had a shield to bear the pain of heavy taxation!

Keeping a clear record of income and expenses is crucial for all freelancers. Filing the taxes is one of the biggest freelancer woes that one tries getting off with. Failing to maintain business accounting data may surprise you with a hefty tax bill that you weren’t at all expecting.

Self-employment tax is around 15.3% that covers your social security and medicare taxes. As per IRS, clearing your taxes on a quarterly basis can save around $1000 yearly.

Wish 6 – “Please let my client make payment on time, all the time”

client make payment on time
Oh God! This is party season and I don’t wanna sit back and wait for payments.

This is a serious problem for freelancers around the world. They wait for days, weeks, and sometimes even months to get paid by their clients. It’s a pity to see how freelancers’ patience is tested to the core. The good news, your wish will be granted.

Wish 7 – “For God Sake!!!, people understand that I’m freelancing not FREE lancing”

Wish, People could understand that I don’t work for free!

Just because it is freelancing, freelancers don’t work for free. These poor professionals are fed-up with replying to people that they don’t work for free of charge. Most freelancers encounter such insane clients who are ready to pay zilch for the freelancer’s hard slog.


Ho! Ho! Ho!, though we are not Santa definitely we can fulfill freelancers’ wishes. We take the privilege to present you with the best gift this Christmas, ‘Billbooks’.

  • To start with the first wish, we would like to remind you about various online platforms for all the freelancers out there. Besides social media and offline networking, there are sources where you can get an abundance of clients like Upwork, Flexjobs, Solidgigs, Fiverr, etc.
  • We can help freelancers with invoicing, as Billbooks is the most affordable and easy-to-use invoicing software. It will lighten freelancers’ burdens.
  • Billbooks will also help freelancers to get paid promptly by creating and sending accurate and nice-looking invoices to the clients, effortlessly.
  • Invoice is a time-consuming process, if it is managed automatically, freelancer’s crucial task gets streamlined and much of the time gets saved.
  • We have an idea to help you with your taxation issues- besides tracking your cash flow and keeping money aside for paying taxes, get a professional and experienced accountant who would help you deal with complicated situations.
  • We also have a better solution to help you with better time tracking management. Automated time tracking tools like ClickUp, Asana, Toggl, Clockify, etc.
  • You can send quick estimates and invoices and attract clients. This way you can manage to get more clients and projects.
  • There’s a better trustworthy solution for the last wish as well! Freelance Union members in New York City were successful in bringing out a groundbreaking law in 2017 that protects freelancers from non-payment. Not anymore working for free!

Ultimately with this online application, freelancers’ wishes will get fulfilled and they can joyfully kick off the New Year. So, here’s wishing all the freelancers, a very Merry Christmas, and a fun-filled New Year.

Divya Mudliar
Divya Mudliar
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