Jumpstart with a Super Productive New Year Week

It’s time to go back to work after the holidays. How are you planning to spend your first week of New Year? Let’s endeavor to be super productive in 2022. Want to know how? Continue reading….

Frankly speaking, New Year resolutions are really hard to keep. Resolutions are often hyped but hardly achieved, however, New Year is a great time to give a fresh start to your work life.

New Year
New Year, same you, but big goal. Cheers to 2022!

And, as we all had a terrible experience in 2020 in terms of health and wellbeing- it’s better to forget and start fresh. But, despite all the miseries, the year was quite fruitful for startups. The US has seen a 24% spike in new business launches and that continued in 2021 as well. And, the trend is expected to continue if we have overcome the lockdown fatigue in a positive way.

After the holidays, you will be all energetic and vibrant, why not utilize your energy for the best outcome? With just a little planning and organizing, you can turn 2022 into a super-duper productive year. Accomplishing goals is a resolution made almost every day by every business, entrepreneurs put in all their efforts to achieve their target. Low or no-cost resolutions will also earn you great success and keep your business on track.

Here are some tips to be more productive in 2022:

Firstly organize your workspace:

After your Christmas vacation, it will be really dreary to return back to work and on top of that, seeing a cluttered workspace might result in dejection. It will be a great idea to give a new look and feel to your workspace in the New Year.

Most importantly, the pandemic has locked us indoors which is driving us stir crazy. And getting back to work after holidays without any change to the surroundings could impact mental health drastically, thereby reducing productivity.

organize your workspace
Invest a minute in organising to earn an hour more to re-invest in your goals!

An unorganized workspace can be a big turn off to start off the New Year, may it be an office desk or your customised workplace at home. If not a new look at least you can clean the space and make it appear fresh. You can spend some time and clean the space and then start with work. Kudos, to those who have cleaned the workspace and then went on leave.

Track time and prioritize your work:

Analyzing productive hours is a vital aspect of business growth. It is followed by prioritizing your daily targets as well. It’s quite natural that your team might experience a post-new year-holiday hangover, but being the leader you must be focused and bring out ideas to bring them back to work. Implementing automation software can help track daily target achievements and would also help you to bring out adjustments to make up for lost production if any.

prioritize your work
Schedule your priorities, do not prioritize what’s in your schedule!

Time to celebrate your victories:

After celebrating Christmas and New Year, it’s time for another celebration, rejoice in your victories of 2021. Start the New Year on a happy note by recalling and rejoicing over your past success. This will give you the strength and confidence to start the year productively. Celebrate your last year’s accomplishments with your employees and take pledge to achieve more this year.

celebrate your victories
Don’t just be a business monster, take out time to celebrate victories!

If you are wondering how to do that, here’s few tip which might help you sail the ship:

  • Offer incentives to your employees for achieving the target.
  • Throw a party to celebrate your team effort.
  • Gift them something as a token of appreciation
  • Bring out certain necessary changes in the policies which would encourage your employees to work better.

Take short meetings in the first week:

Meetings of maximum 15 minutes are more than enough to discuss the goals and for planning ahead. Don’t waste your time and energy in meetings, utilize the active mood effectively in work. Even daily meetings are not mandatory, as that might be quite unproductive in some cases.

Meetings in the first week
Catch up with your crew for some real brainstorming sessions!

Call for a meeting only when you have an important announcement to make or need to discuss strategy- more than speaking, reveal your efficiency in your performance. Communicating through emails is an effective alternative to meetings and may prove to be quite impactful in terms of productivity and time-saving.

Consider the possibilities:

“Perfection consists not in doing extraordinary things, but in doing ordinary things extraordinarily well.”- Arnauld, Angélique

Running behind perfection may be a result of an unrealistic mindset specially for those running a business. Avoid chasing impractical goals, consider and plan for only goals that are attainable. Just focus on the right goals and head towards it. Too much planning is also not healthy for your business. Thus, just be restricted to your possibilities to reach your target successfully.

Multitasking might not be fruitful:

Multitasking might not be productive all the time, not everybody has the skill to perform multiple tasks at the same time. Too much on the platter can be hard to digest and you might suffer from food poisoning so it’s better to consume only which is digestible. Undertake the tasks that are manageable or else you can goof up and undergo loss.

Multitasking might not be fruitful
Don’t stress yourself multitasking if it’s not your cup of tea!

Don’t waste your time in responding to emails:

Don’t repeat the mistake which you committed in 2021 or maybe even in 2020, wasting time behind mails. Most people have the habit of checking their inbox every now and then. Most of the productive time is spent checking the emails. Hence instead of checking the mails frequently, fix a time for this task. You can schedule time in the morning and evening and check the emails.

Don’t waste your time in responding to emails
Stop juggling with emails all day!

Reap the benefit of commute time:

The pandemic-altered 2020 has taught us how we can run a business by working from home for months and months. Before you decide whether working from home is a boon or a curse, let me remind you that it has practically saved a lot of productive hours that generally goes in commuting. You can literally cover tons of tasks by utilizing the time that you had once spent in a car, bus, or metro.

Hence, utilize time wisely as “Time is money. Wasted time means wasted money means trouble.”

Reap the benefit of commute time
Time equates money- don’t spend time rather invest in it!

Whatever you do remember to stay focused and determined then only you can have a productive year ahead. So let’s begin the New Year with new energy and enthusiasm.

Divya Mudliar
Divya Mudliar
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