If Mr. Santa Claus was on Social Media, How will he Promote your Brand?

Jingle Bells are ringing all the way and still, your little elves are sleeping???? Get them alive!

Yeah, you are the Santa of your company and your little elves are the various social media pages of your business that will help to promote your brand during the holiday season. Go through the article below to manage your little elves effectively for marketing.

Christmas Carols have already started playing around…. Yes, it is the holy jolly holiday season, the cheerful time of the year where people are busy with shopping and Christmas decorations. This festival is the largest economic stimulus for many nations and despite the pandemic US experienced around $750 billion projected sales in 2020.

Boost up the sales
Jingle bells all around..boost your sales, Santa on the way!!

Shopping is definitely on top priority therefore businesses especially, retail industries quickly have to get their skates on and start skiing. Fortunately or unfortunately, there is no holiday for business, at least after the economic downturn caused due to the pandemic. In fact, they have to be double active as this is the best time to boost up the sales.

Now, the question arises how businesses can promote their holiday offers and connect with the audience in such a short time? “It’s never too late”. The technologically driven world has made brand promotion seamless and helps reaching out millions of people effortlessly. As per the study, active internet users as of January 2021 was 4.9 billion– so it’s pretty clear- with effective strategies you can make great fortune utilizing the digital world.

No matter, if you are running a brick-and-mortar business or an online store, social media can serve as an ultimate platform for promoting your services during the holiday season. The year-end can be surprising for you as well as your customers. You can be the real Santa Claus for your customers and make their holiday shopping experience memorable.

Here are quick tips for marketing your brand on social media during the holiday season:

Entice the visitors by ornamenting your social walls:

Decorate your social media pages to make them noticeable to your potential customers

Apart from your home and office, adorn your company’s social media pages to give a cheerful festive look.

  • Change your Facebook cover page and Twitter background with an attractive Christmas theme.
  • Ready-made images are easily available for your convenience but creating personalized graphics is worth the effort.
  • Add creative content that reflects the holiday season but at the same time conveys your brand message.
  • Decorate your website and social media pages according to your brand and user preference. If you follow a subtle style, then adorning the pages is a classy way. If your audience is more upbeat kind then deck up the pages flamboyantly.

Be a next door friend for all your clients:

next door friend for all your clients
Help your clients reach out to you anytime!

Pitching a branding or marketing campaign should also include the best customer service agendas. No matter how attractive your social walls are, if your clients’ queries are not resolved, then maybe this Christmas won’t be as prosperous as you were expecting.

  • Implement chatbots on your websites for answering the queries of your clients.
  • Response your clientele on the social media platforms as that increases customer advocacy by around 25%.
  • Ensure clients get personalised experiences while looking for their desired products or services.

Prepare each elf to surprise your customers:

surprise your customers
Your clients love surprises, don’t leave a chance to amaze them!

Turn your business process into a small Christmas Story where you would play the role of Santa Claus, your little elves are the social media channels to surprise your town people that are your targeted audience.

  • Don’t stick to one social media platform, take the help of as many channels as possible.
  • Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can be your most helpful elves, thus pay much attention to these platforms.
  • Though your objective is the same, the content to accomplish the objective should be unique and customized to match each channel.

Let your elves be your partner in creating brand awareness:

creating brand awareness
Leave an attractive visual impact to promote your brand!

Your little elves- social media platforms are ready, but are you ready to invest in promoting ads? If that doesn’t suit you there are certainly quite a few tactics that can help you sky-high organic reach on social platforms without spending much time.

  • A lasting impression is a great booster for brand awareness and can be achieved by publishing high-quality guest content.
  • Artful implementation of facts and information would take you a step ahead in receiving the desired result- infographics play the lead role of your content in that case.
  • Bring the best out of user-generated content to improve your brand exposure.
  • Visual impact can help in the long run- make your social icons prominent on your website and cross-promote your content to save time while keeping your brand awareness intact.

Share the joy of gifting:

Share the joy of gifting
It’s the season of giving, spread your love to bring your clients together!

Branding is something that can fluctuate your client base. You would be even surprised to know that Coca-Cola spends around $4 billion on branding each year. Now if you are playing the role of Santa Claus, it is quite certain you have to give away gifts.

  • Offering freebies, discounts are the underlying marketing strategies that cannot be overlooked during the festive season.
  • You can arrange some interesting contests on your Facebook page to attract the audience and offer discounts on particular products or services to the contest winners.
  • Integrate a share button, so that more people can participate in the contest and you can capture data of prospects that would help to boost your sales later.
  • You can also give special treatment to all the buyers by offering free gift-wrapping or free shipping.

Make campaigning relatable for your audience:

campaigning relatable for your audience
Run relatable brand campaigns to offer an enjoyable experience to your target audience!

Everyone is in a rush during the holiday season; therefore it will be generous if you make purchasing easy for them.

  • Your customers should find it effortless to visit your social pages or buy through their mobile devices.
  • Making your brand more human will also emotionally connect with your audience. You can share pictures of your office holiday party, Christmas decorations at the office, or any holiday celebrations. This will connect and build trust among your audience.
  • Who wouldn’t love free stuff? Offer freebies or run social media content to put your brand name on top of the list.

Final thought!

Social media icon
It’s already time, wake your little elves and set them ready for an exciting journey this festive season!

If you want to leave your customers filled with joy, follow this simple holiday marketing process. And yes, if you think it’s too late for promotion since the holiday season has already started, you are mistaken. According to a survey, in this day and age due to busy lifestyles, most of the people start their shopping late, so there is definitely more scope for marketing than before.

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