Is M-commerce Overpowering the Traditional E-commerce


The convergence of offline and online has radically transfigured the business world. Almost every brick and mortar business reaps the benefits of its presence on internet. Earlier ecommerce had set the world on fire and now the mobile platform is becoming sensational. The advent of wireless mobile technology has taken the online trading by storm. The world is becoming smarter with the evolution of smartphones and shopping on the go is all the rage.

The magnitude of emergence of mobile-commerce has potential to create significant pressure on ecommerce services. Mobile experience is defined by swiftness, efficiency and simplicity. People find it convenient to shop via mobile phones as compared to the traditional platforms like desktops and laptops. This user-friendly aspect of m-commerce has radically transformed the scenario of internet marketing. Mobile phones have evolved from just being a device for communication.

Let’s see what makes m-commerce better than e-commerce:

Small, medium, large, all sizes of industries can get benefited by m-commerce. Since this form of online process is handy and effortless, it has many advantages as compared to ecommerce.

Extremely user-friendly:

Shopping is one of the most loved activities (especially for women) while the love gets multiplied if the experience turn out to be more exciting and enjoyable. The main advantage of m-commerce is its accessibility, despite of being small-screen, mobile platform has big advantages. Almost every retail industry is endeavoring to squeeze its business on mobile phones and make shopping convenient for shoppers. People get to choose from wide variety of options available and shop for their favorite product within few clicks. People can shop on the go and unlike conventional stores, online shops are open 24/7. The sites are tailored specifically as per the needs of the users.

Customized sites:

Previously there was one common ecommerce site for all electronic devices which was difficult to operate on mobile phones but now as the number of mobile shoppers are escalating, websites are designed more mobile-friendly to match every screen size. Majority of the ecommerce sites follow responsive design as it gets customized as per the screen size. Most of the ecommerce businesses are also coming with mobile apps to make shopping as well as payment effortless for the users. Mobile applications are generally available for free and are designed exclusively for Android, Windows, Apple, Blackberry operating systems.


You neither have to plug in your laptop, PC nor have to wait the page too load. With the lightening speed internet connection and device being handy, you save a lot of time. The products and services get delivered much faster than before. Explore an array of choices available and make purchase in just clicks. You have to just type the site URL or open the mobile app and start shopping.


One of the major benefits of m-commerce over e-commerce is that it allows the consumers to shop from any corner of the world. Customers can explore and invest in products or services at anytime and from anywhere, you just require an internet connection. The reliability and high-speed internet connection has improved the efficiency of online business.

It simply feels miraculous that what all you can do with this pocket-sized device. Though m-commerce is considered to be a part of ecommerce, in the long-run it has the power to become manifest as a distinct platform.

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